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Can you name the characters from Lost, given the first and last lines they speak on the show?

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First LineCharacterLast Line
Nobody calls me [Name], Sayid. You of all people should know that.May I see some identification?
You got that thing running yet, buddy?Stay away from Hugo. Whatever it is you talked him into, something tells me you don't have his best interests at heart. So stay away from my son.
Hey you, just give me a hand! You, come on! Come over here, give me a hand!Where are we going?
Welcome, I'm Dr. Marvin Candle, and this is the orientation film for Station 3 of the DHARMA Initiative…^...So, let's get to it, shall we? It is my pleasure to introduce you to Mr. Daniel Widmore accompanied by Drive Shaft.
Well, this is -- awkward.OK. OK.
And the meek shall inherit the earth.Hey! Uh... I'm looking for my brother. He was arrested at the airport on a drug charge.
I didn't cross the line! We had a truce! This is my land! You said I could stay here!No I don't think so...because if you were the person who did this? You would've shot me already.*
I burnt my hand -- and my muffins.Kiss me, James!
Relax buddy. I ain't movin'. Why don't you just put that down...I know Ben would rather die than let them go.
Tequila and tonic with a wedge of lemon.Yeah, that's right. Nice not knowing you.
Sure, you can absolutely wait a few weeks before you launch. I was just assuming you didn't want to die.No? No! Wait...what about my parking space?
I can't find my vest!You, too.
Sure it's monkeys. It's Monkey Island.Good to see you too, Enos.
You're hurt? Let me help you.*Because I...I love you. Thank you.
I'm sorry. I don't speak English.*It's okay, I am safe.
Thank you. Wow, can I get another microphone? I think this one's been drinking…Goodbye, Jack.
Guess he really had to go.You don't have to go anywhere with him.
Just you.You needed him. Sawyer broke your heart. How else were you supposed to fix it?
He is outside.*^Oh, I'll put in less next time.
Are you kidding me?Hey, LaFleur!
I'm [Name].You are? You mean I'm not crazy?
You wanna come in?Let's go find out.
What are you doing back?Look behind you, you idiot.
Wake up.Hey, Mom, can Dr. Linus come over for dinner? It's coq au vin night.
You must not leave my sight. You must follow me wherever I go. Do you understand? Don't worry about the others. We need to stay together.*We'll see you there.
Grab the rope. Please.The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want. The Lord is my shepherd...
Help! Please help me! Help me, please help me!Look at me! This Island's made me crazy, I--I don't want Aaron to see me like this. I don't even know how to be a mother anymore.
What?To leave.
As if I'm going to start eating chocolate.Sayid.
[Name]. Hello?^Sure I can. Do you mind if I ask you what you need it for?
What are you doing in there?You're going! She's gonna love you! And if she doesn't... we will find someone who does!
You want a ride?I'm not saying any more in front of him.
Help me! Hey, somebody here!And you were a great number one, Hugo.
Are you Jack?It's a great pleasure to meet you, Charlotte.
Probably a good idea. You know if you get kidney cancer you've only got one.This is Anthony Cooper. He's John's father.
First LineCharacterLast Line
Please don't hurt me![Name]. My name is [Name]. I--
Who are you?Do you realize what you just did? He was the only thing keeping it out! Idiot! You just let it in!
You alright, brother?What about you, Jack?
Uh-huh, beautiful. It'll look great in the alley we'll be living in. This is 3 months rent.Okay. Goodbye, Michael.
Are you ready, Eko?You're too late.
We need Jack.Para...lyzed.
What's going on?! What are you folks doing this far out here?!Good, then ditch your phone and go do your job.
Hi.You did great, mommy. Thanks.
Get ready!Amen.
Walt! Walt!And Hurley, if you ever do see Libby again, tell her I'm very sorry.
Oh, you got to be kidding me.Thanks, dude. I'll see ya.
Just coffee, sweetheart. Black.Hey! Hey! Stop that cab!
What happened?I was, afraid, of losing you. If you found the diamonds, you wouldn't need me any more.
So, how's the drink?Where are you going?
The landlord at your flat told me you ran here everyday.Okay.
Come on! Dammit, push!Ah, yes. Thank you.
Caesar.Actually, she found us.
Hey you. What's your name?Shannon.
Check under your seat!Way to wait until the last second, Jim.
Thank you for taking the time to let us make our pitch, Dr. Burke. Mittelos Bioscience is based in Oregon. We're just outside of Portland.We got 'em!
I wouldn't do that.Well, at least we've got something in common.
You sure?Should I go get 'em?
Who are you?*It is sundown. Will you choose to stay or go?
Me? [Name].Hi, Aaron. Hey. Shh. It's okay... Hey, Aaron.
Hey, you understand the concept of knocking?Go! Go! Go!
Hey, what happened, man?Easy. Easy.
Mornin'.Now, you're like me.
Dude, dude, I'm open, dude!That's right. And when you do wake up, come find me. I'm sure I miss you. See you in another life, Hurley.
Help! Hey, I need some help! There's somebody in the jungle, come on. He's alive!Yeah, probably in the water.
Never done this before have you?Are you going to take my son?
Desmond...My employer is willing to pay you $1.6 million.
Is someone there?^I'm sorry.
Hey! Hey, hey, hey, get away from there!We've been waiting for you.
Is that Vincent?Like my dad?

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