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QUIZ: Can you name the bonuses in Super Smash Bros. Melee?

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Point ValueBonusDescription
4000Used only aerial attacks.
2500Used many combos.
1500Struck an enemy many times while keeping him airborne.
2000High % of attacks were from rear.
2500High % of attacks low.
5000All attacks were low attacks.
800KO'd foe with a Meteor Attack.
3000Cleared the level with a Meteor Attack.
8000Every Meteor Attack KO'd an opponent.
2000Succeeded in recovering from a Meteor Attack.
4000Hit a flying enemy with a Meteor Attack.
4000Hit with most attacks.
10000Hit with all attacks.
6000Used all standard ground attacks against enemies.
4000Used all standard aerial attacks against enemies.
10000Used all attacks except finishing blows on enemies.
20000Used all attacks except finishing blows on one enemy.
7000Hit with a wide variety of attacks.
3500Attacked in a frenzy.
3000Used many Smash Attacks.
3500Only used Smash Attacks.
1500Used no Smash Attacks.
2200Hit with only special moves.
3100Used only one kind of special move.
1800Hit consecutively with all weak attacks.
500Delivered first blow of match.
1000Took 150% damage or more.
3000Took 200% damage or more.
5000Took 250% damage or more.
10000Took 300% damage or more.
15000Took 350% damage or more.
20000Took 400% damage or more.
2000Hit only with flying objects.
2000Hit only with direct attacks.
10000All attacks hit immediately after execution.
6000Fought only with grabs and throws.
-500Had a high rate of grab and dash-grab failures.
-1500All dash-grab attempts failed.
2000Performed at least 3 grabs, but did not attack or throw enemy.
3500Used all four directional-throw moves.
2500Threw last foe to clear game.
1500Did a lot of damage by holding and punching foes.
2500After grabbing, always held and punched, never threw.
2000Threw just before an enemy broke your hold.
-1000Didn't attack for a very long period of time.
-2500Spent a long time on sloped terrain.
500Little left-to-right movement.
5000Never changed direction.
300Did not crouch.
6500Did not walk.
2500Walked a lot.
1000Did not run.
2000Ran a lot.
1500Went airborne a lot.
2500Did not jump from the ground.
2500Always did a midair jump.
4000Never jumped, including midair jumps.
800Hit walls a lot.
2000Bumped into or pushed foes a lot.
5000Used the Power Shield often.
x2500Broke enemy's shield.
x-1000Shield was broken by enemy.
x-2000Broke own shield.
Point ValueBonusDescription
500Dropped shield just before it was broken.
1000Had long stun-slide distance.
800Hung from many edges.
x2500Hung from edge to prevent opponent from doing the same.
2000Grabbed a lot of edges after being knocked off the stage.
x800After being hit, grabbed edge without a midair jump.
2000Taunted often.
x500Taunted right after someone else.
x700Attacked someone with a taunt.
x800Gave a quick weak attack to a taunting opponent.
x100Taunted right after knocking down a foe.
1000Tapped the control stick twice as fast as second fastest tapper.
700Pressed buttons twice as fast as second fastest presser.
4000Held down the A or B button.
3000Did not fall down.
1500Always landed face up.
1500Always fell face down.
2500Succeeded on every attempt to absorb damage.
1500Dropped through floors often.
300Did not press the L or R buttons.
x1200Hit same enemy with progressively stronger blows.
300Took a lot of damage from floors.
100Got stuck between two enemies and hit back and forth.
-2000Persistently used the same attack.
3000Always looking in opposite direction as oncoming attack.
2500Audience cheered for player.
2500Surprised the crowd often.
2000Frequently magnified.
3000Was in magnifying glass on all 4 sides of the screen.
2500Beat level within 30 seconds.
3000Never attacked even once, including misses.
5000Never attacked, but didn't lose the match.
3000Took no damage for 1 minute.
7000Didn't suffer a single attack.
5000Never got knocked down.
12000Never attacked anyone, never took any damage.
-1500Attacked only opponents with high amounts of damage.
2000Fell all the way down, but got back up the most in a match.
800Only left stage by flying off screen and becoming a star.
-1000Always attacked a particular player.
-2000Always KO'd a particular player.
-500Spent a long time a great distance away from enemies.
2000Average distance between you and foes was very small.
3000Never pushed an enemy.
2000Spent a long time in the middle of the arena.
3000Won without KO'ing anybody.
x300KO'd an enemy and turned him or her into a star.
5000Sent all team enemies flying off the top of the screen.
x4000KO'd a foe with a weak attack.
x800KO'd a foe with a firing item.
x5000KO'd an enemy with a taunt.
x500KO'd an enemy from behind.
x3000KO'd an enemy with a deflected item.
x3500KO'd a foe at the time limit.
x800KO'd an enemy with a special attack.
x2000Attacked an enemy that was hanging from an edge for a KO.
x640KO'd an enemy when the enemy was at 64% damage.
x1200Attacked a magnified enemy and KO'd him or her.
x1500The same attack KO'd both you and your enemy.
x2500KO'd a foe right after foe KO'd you.
x2000KO'd 2 enemies at once.
x4000KO'd 3 enemies at once.
x8000KO'd 4 enemies at once.
Point ValueBonusDescription
x15000KO'd 5 enemies at once.
x4000KO'd an enemy by throwing another enemy at him or her.
x1000Threw an enemy onto a damaging floor for a KO.
x1500KO'd a foe with an item.
x500Hit the front of the screen.
-1000First one to be KO'd after match begins.
500Let go of the edge of a cliff and fell off stage.
x-1000Fell off stage without even trying to recover.
x-1500At less than 50%, got KO'd by a foe with over 100% damage.
2000Got KO'd off all four sides of the screen.
500Got KO'd by a damaging floor.
1000Got KO'd by a part of the stage environment.
2000Was standing on revival platform when match ended.
1000Ended the match in a magnifying glass.
500Ended match while taunting.
2000Ended match while off-screen.
1500Ended match as a star.
3000Finished with :07 left.
5000Finished with :01 left.
3330Finished with 3:33 left.
1110Damage at end was the same number repeated three times.
2000Damage at 0% at finish.
1800Did not use any items.
2000Only hit with item attacks.
3000Hit only by throwing items.
3000Used only Smash Attacks with swinging weapons.
x800KO'd an enemy with a capsule.
x800KO'd a foe with a large item carrier.
1500Frequently held heavy items.
x1000Caught an item thrown at you.
x2000Threw an item thrown at you back at an enemy.
-1000Item caused player to Self-Destruct.
3000Got the same item 3 times in a row.
1500Spent the least amount of time holding items.
100Spent the longest amount of time holding items.
4000Got 10 or more different kinds of items.
4000Got every kind of item that appeared.
3000Got every kind of food that appeared.
2000Used only food items.
1500Used only battering items.
1500Used only shooting items.
1500Used only recovery items.
1500Used only transformation items.
1500Only grabbed throwing items.
1600Was parachuting with the Parasol at match's end.
2000Put a flower on an enemy's head at match's end.
1700Had a flower on head when the match ended.
2000Did 100% damage or more firing the Super Scope.
2000Held Screw Attack for 30 seconds or more.
x2500Used a Screw Attack to KO an enemy.
x1000KO'd a foe using a Warp Star.
2500Got 3 or more Mushrooms.
8000Used only Mushrooms, Fire Flowers, and Starmen.
x800KO'd enemy while metal.
x2000Froze enemy with Freezie then KO'd him or her.
x2000KO'd enemy with a Flipper.
3000Only item used was Mr. Saturn.
1800Held Mr. Saturn for 30 seconds or more.
4000Got 3 or more Mr. Saturns.
4000Caught a Mr. Saturn thrown at you.
x600KO'd a foe while giant.
x2500KO'd a foe while tiny.
x800KO'd a foe while invisible.
Point ValueBonusDescription
x1200KO'd someone while wearing a Bunny Hood.
1800Got 2 or more Maxim Tomatoes.
1800Got 2 or more Heart Containers.
1200Player is invincible at the end of the match.
x800KO'd a foe while invincible.
x800KO'd a foe with a Beam Sword.
x600KO'd a foe with a Home-Run Bat.
4000Hit with every blast from the Ray Gun until it ran out.
1600Got a 10 combo or higher with the Fire Flower.
1500Threw the hammer away.
2500Grabbed a broken hammer.
x800KO'd someone with a Motion-Sensor Bomb.
-500KO'd by a wandering Bob-omb.
x2500Grabbed a Bob-omb just before it exploded, and wasn't hurt.
x1000KO'd a foe with a Pokémon.
10000Mew appeared.
8000Celebi appeared.
100KO'd a Goomba.
200KO'd a Koopa.
300KO'd a Paratroopa.
300KO'd a Re-Dead.
500KO'd a Like Like.
150KO'd an Octorok.
200KO'd a Topi.
800KO'd a Polar Bear.
20KO'd a Shy Guy.
1000Got 1st place in a timed match.
-1000Got last place in a timed match.
2000Led in points from the start to the finish.
-1500Trailed in points from the start to the finish.
3000Had a lot of KO's.
1500Had the most KO's.
2000Caused a lot of damage.
1000Caused the most damage.
-1000Had a lot of falls.
-500Had the most falls.
-2000Had a lot of Self-Destructs.
-1000Had the most Self-Destructs.
x500Counts each KO.
x-500Counts each fall.
x-500Counts each Self-Destruct.
30000Smashed all targets in Target Test.
1000Got at least one trophy before the stage ended.
30000Snagged all trophies that appeared.
300000Cleared all levels without taking any damage.
10000Cleared without losing a single life.
-20000Cleared by continuing.
10000Cleared all levels quickly.
20000Cleared all levels very quickly.
100000Cleared All-Star mode without recovering damage even once.
50000Cleared the Classic mode.
50000Cleared the Adventure mode.
50000Cleared the All-Star mode.
200000Cleared the Very Hard mode.
80000Defeated Crazy Hand in Classic mode.
20Defeated Luigi in Adventure mode.
30000Defeated all five Links in Adventure mode.
10000Defeated Giant Kirby in Adventure mode.
8000KO'd Metal Bros. in Adventure mode.
100000Defeated Giga Bowser in Adventure mode.

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