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Who has the 'extendable shield' ability?
Which operator has the 'X-Kairos'?
Who is 'The Lord'?
What Country is Ash from?
What is the name of the map set in a suburban house?
What Country is the map Hereford Base in?
What Country is Kanal set in?
What is the Name of the map introduced in operation Velvet Shell?
What maps have three floors but the objective is never on the top floor?
How many Weapons start with 'MP'?
What is the name of Thermite's Assault Rifle?
Which Sight/Scope has the Highest magnification?
Which attachment gives the Weapon increased Damage Range?
Which attachment was added with Operation Skull Rain?
How many Operators are in each Vanilla CTU?
How much Renown does a DLC Operator cost without the season pass?
How Much of a Discount does the Season Pass give you?
What month and Year was Rainbow Six Siege released?

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