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Can you name the Rainbow Six Siege A-Z*?

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Operator for the FBI SWAT (A)
Country or CTU added in Year 1, season 3 (B)
Buck Primary weapon (C)
Name of the Year 1, Season 2 operation (D)
Name of Thermite's unique ability (E)
Map (F)
Spanish Counter-terrorism unit (G)
Gamemode (H)
Shotgun for Mira and Jackal (I)
Country that Skyscraper is set in (J)
Map set in Germany (K)
Attachment that improves hip fire (L)
FBI SWAT shotgun (M)
Gadget that is AKA C4 (N)
Map and US State (O)
SAT Handgun (P)
Blackbeard's unique ability (R)
Gadget that attackers use (S)
The Lord (T)
Handgun for the GEO (U)
American Operator (V)
Frost's unique ability (W)
Hibana's unique ability (X)
Echo's unique ability (Y)

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