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QUIZ: Can you name the Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) A-Z?

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Ronan the _______ (A)
Person who Star Lord was originally going to sell the orb to. (B)
Telepathic Russian Space Dog (C)
Name of Ronan's ship (D)
Song from the soundtrack that is AKA the pina colada song (E)
How much the collector was going to pay for the Orb. (F)
I am _____ (G)
Duck featured in the post credits scene. (H)
Jackson Five song that Groot dances to (I)
Director of the film (J)
Decapitated head of a celestial (K)
Actor who portrays Ronan (L)
Planet where Star Lord finds the orb (M)
This 'Serenity' actor cameos as 'monstrous inmate' (N)
Song during the dance off (O)
Infinity Stone featured in this film. (P)
Star Lord's surname. Peter _____ (Q)
A talking raccoon (R)
Makes a cameo in every marvel studios film including Guardians (S)
Character who Ronan was retrieving the orb for (T)
Yondu's surname (U)
Voice Actor of Groot (V)
Yondu's Arrow can be controlled by a _______ (W)
Capital of the Nova Corps (X)
The type of arrow that Yondu has (Y)
Actress who plays Gamora (Z)

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