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Can you name the Many foes of Spider-Man?

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Owner of OSCORP, Spiderman's arch nemesis
An alien symbiot that fused with Spider-Man's former co-worker
Cloning expert, blamed Spider-Man for death of Gwen Stacy
A mobster with adamantium implant in his head
A scientist whose failed experiment turned him into vampire
A patriotic enforcer for country of Delvadia
First villain name used by Jason Macendale
Former electrician, he got his powers after accident
A mobster whose body is almost fully composed of muscle
Creator of Spider Slayers
Can kill anything that he touches
After escaping prison, he ran into nuclear testing site and got his powers
Master of impersonation, first Spider-Man's foe
Brilliant engineer, he created suits and gadgets for plenty of villains
Initially hired to hunt Spider-Man, he got super powers and became insane
Mary Jane's boss, he retired after successful crime carrier
A special effects wizard
Chameleon's cousin, he likes to kill his prey with bare hands
J Jonah Jameson's son
Cyber mobster who initially wanted to restore his youth
An avian foe and second villain Spider-Man fought
He believes that he got his powers from meteor, which he always carries with him
Former fighter who wanted revenge on J Jonah Jameson after he badmouthed him
Venom's more violent offspring
Can create cyclones by running
After loosing an arm, he became obsessed with regeneration which eventually turned him into monster
Got his powers after Spider-Man kicked him into water during nuclear experiment
A female burglar and occasional ally of Spider-Man
Managed to posses Spider-Man's body, becoming Superior Spider-Man
Spider-Man's 'least ambitious' villain, he is often called Vibrator by him
Has the power to adjust his density
A girlfriend of Carnage who can manipulate sound
Former lab partner of Norman Osborne, he became cyborg later
Got his powers after trying to mimic Cloak's abilities
Former assistant of Spencer Smythe, he is covered in gold
Worked for Baron Zemo before becoming Spider-Man's foe, he is a cannibal
Native American who got his powers because he wanted to protect his tribe
A mobster with split personality, which he isn't aware of
Has the ability to revive dead people and to shoot electric blasts
Russian criminal whose armor got permanently attached to him
Handicapped young scientist who blamed Spider-Man for death of his father, he eventually became cyborg
Karate master member of Enforcers
Brutish member of Enforcers
Lasso swinging member of Enforcers
A vampire from another dimension who managed to kill Spider-Man
First clone of Spider-Man ever created
A voodoo priestess and Kraven's ally
Albino mobster with increased strength
Former aircraft mechanic who got tired of his job and started crime career
Wanted to kill Spider-Man to impress Kingpin and gain employment, was a member of many villainous team-ups

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