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'I miss Richard...'Cara - Dark
'Kahlan, I just want you to know I didn't see anything.'Kahlan - Elixir
'Kahlan, when we first met you told me you'd give your life for the Seeker. And that's what you did. Even when it looked like you had no hope...'Richard - Reckoning
Richard: 'I guess this is where we say goodbye.' Cara: 'Can we speed this up?'Cara - Extinction
'I think you have an admirer...'Zedd - Princess
'Life is fleeting, death is...'Sister Nicci - Bound
'I'm not telling you to trust her...'Richard (about Cara) - Marked
'Well, then, I guess I'm not going anywhere. And this hand goes where I go.'Cara - Baneling
'Magic has its uses, but sometimes...'Kahlan - Sanctuary
'Richard, you've done everything we've asked of you, and more. No one can blame you if you want to go home.'Richard - Reckoning
'Just tell him, Alice. Tell him that his own Confessor never stopped loving him. And that if he can't undo the magic, if he can't return to her then, she'll be waiting for him, in.Kahlan - Reckoning
'Could you train a Chipmunk? To obey your orders, attack people? It would be too hard, right? The mighty Chipmunk, fearless, cunning, stalwart...'Leo - Dark
Richard: 'And I'm supposed to fight them, alone?' Zedd: 'And what do we look like, boy?...'Zedd - Destiny
'That doesn't make sense...'Kahlan - Destiny
'I thought you wanted me to keep you sharp?'Richard - Bloodline
Emma: 'She wants to know if you two are married?' Kahlan: 'No, we're just, erm...'Richard - Destiny
Kahlan: 'Wench?' Richard: 'You started it!...'Richard - Deception
Richard: 'I was distracted!' Kahlan: 'By a naked woman you went swimming with!'Richard - Mirror
'We can name a new Seeker, but...'Kahlan - Light
Kahlan: 'Can you imagine what it would be like to be ordinary people?' Richard: 'You mean the kind that...'Richard - Torn
'If you confess me, I can fight her...'Richard - Denna
'But that was a lie, This is the truth...'Kahlan - Home
'Like so many villans, he believes he's...'Darken Rahl - Fever
'About what I said back in the tomb. Forget I said it. I was...'Cara - Desecrated

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