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Mr Gilbertson, the truth is Margaret and I are just two people who...Andrew
(Answer)... that's what came to your heart?Andrew
Ask you nicely what?Margaret and Andrew
'What am I allergic to?' 'Pine Nuts and...Margaret and Andrew
Now, do you prefer being called Margaret or....Gammy Annie
She insists on doing it all herself. She's one of those...Andrew
You know I can't swimMargaret and Andrew
She comes with...Gammy Annie
Hand off...Margaret
Congratulations, I'm...Andrew
Come on, let's go. My grandma's...Andrew
But for you, that's gonna require that you stop...Andrew
And he was scared like a...Margaret
QuoteAnswerSpoken By
This woman's about as subtle as...Andrew
Shh, dog...Margaret
Oh my god, your grandmother was completely right - the eagle came and tried to take the dog, but then I saved him. Then it came back and took my phone!Margaret and Andrew
If you touch my ass one more time...Margaret
Your dog was attacking me and I had to run and...Margaret
Barely made it out with my life there.Andrew
My first concert was...Margaret
It takes two to make a thing go right...Margaret/Andrew
A dream come true! So you'll do it?Gammy Annie
To the window, to the window, to the walls, to the walls...Margaret
Marry me. Because I'd like...Andrew
'What side of the bed does Margaret sleep on?' 'She sleeps on the left.'Mr Gilbertson and Andrew during outtakes

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