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What does Mr Shue. teach?
Who describes themself as Tinkerbell?
What is Finn's surname?
Name someone who sings 'The Boy is Mine'?
What is Quinn and Puck's baby called?
Name a character who sings the Kiss song?
What are New Directions main rivals called?
What book does Sue read her sister?
What song did Vocal Adrenaline sing in Hell-o?
What is the school called?
What specific part of Will does Sue always insult?
How did Artie become paralysed?
What song do Jesse, Finn and Puck sing with Rachel in her video?
What song do the Glee Club perform in Wheelchairs?
What does Shelby buy all the members of Vocal Adrenaline?
Which people from the Glee Club has Puck dated?
What religion is Rachel?
What is Kurt's dad's name?
Which Glee Club girl does Kurt date for a short while?
What is Emma's job?
What is the Principal's name?
Who used to coach the Glee Club?
What type of vampires does Tina say are the 'most vicious'?
What sexual song do Glee perform to the school?
What music video by Madonna was Sue Sylvester in?
What is the name of Will's ex-wife?
Which woman, other than Sue, judged Glee's regionals?
What are Will's ex-wife's favourite films?
Where does Will's ex-wife work?

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