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Can you name the FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood Characters?

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It is 'One', It is 'God'
The Cow Chimera
The Protector of the Fifth Laboratory Whom Edward Fights
A Soul Bound To A Suit Of Armor
The Humunculus Who Eats Anything
The General of Briggs
The Dog Who Was Made Into A Chimera With Nina
Mother of The Elric Brothers
The Girl With The Panda
The Elric's Teacher
The Creator of the Humunculi
Husband Of Izumi
Father of Winry
The Humunuclus Who Has The Ultimate Shield
The Daughter of Shou Tucker
Fifth and Youngest Sibling of the Armstrong Family
The Humunculus Who Is Named After Being Slow But Is Really Fast
One of Mustang's Subordinates That Is Later Stationed At Briggs
The Major of Central
The Dog Chimera
Female Automail Engineer
One of Mustang's Subordinates Who Is Lazy But Skilled At Strategics
The Fullmetal Alchemist
The Ishbalan Member of the Amestris State Militray
Wife of The Fuhrer Bradley
An Automail Engineer and Owner of Atelier Garfiel in Rush Valley
The Protector of the Fifth Laboratory Whom Alphonse Fights
Winry Rockbell's Dog
One Of Mustang's Subordinates Who Specializes In Communication Equipment
The Flame Alchemist
A Former Soldier, Now A Servant Of Scar
The Crimson Alchemist
Creator Of The Philosopher's Stone
The Frog Chimera
Member Of The Amestris State Military Whom Remembers Everything She Reads
The Bodyguard With An Automail Arm
The Humunculus Who is also the Fuhrer
Father of The Elric Brothers
A Humunculus That Can Transform
The Lion Chimera
The Gorilla Chimera
Maes Hughes' Daughter
The Priest With The Fake Philosopher's Stone
Panda of May
The Sewing Life Alchemist
Wife of Maes Hughes
One of Mustang's Subordinates Who Smokes
Head Of The Armstrong Family
The Fuhrer
Soldier Framed For the Murder Of Maes Hughes
A Humunculus With Long Fingernails
One of Mustang's Subordinates who is under Alex Louis Armstrong's command
One Of Mustang's Subordinates Who has A Tattoo On Their Back
The Snake Chimera
Riza Hawkeye's Dog
The Fuhrer's Son
The Prince Of Xing
One of the Most Respected Soldiers at Briggs
Soldier Killed By Envy
Citizen of Liore Whom Has A Dead Boyfriend
Ishbalan Who Kills State Alchemists
Mustang's Foster Mother
A Former Pick-Pocketer of Rush Valley
The Grandfather of Lan Fan
Lieutenant General of Amestris State Military and a Trusted Ally of Mustang's
Mother of Winry
The Quil-Boar Chimera
The Crystal Alchemist

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