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Chris Parker, Brad Anderson, Handsome John Pruitt1987
ThomasJ Sennett, Shelley DeVoto, Vada Sultenfuss1991
Russell Hammond, William Miller, Penny Lane2000
Andrew Largeman, Mark, Sam2004
Harold Zidler, Satine, Christian2001
Will Freeman, Marcus, Fiona2002
Tristan Ludlow, Alfred Ludlow, Samuel Ludlow1994
Cher Horowitz, Mel Horowitz, Tai Frasier1995
Mikey Walsh, Mama Fratelli, Lawrence 'Chunk' Cohen1985
Chief Brody, Matt Hooper, Quint1975
Benjamin Martin, Gabriel Martin, Col. William Tavington2000
Richard, Francoise, Etienne2000
Mark Renton, Spud, Sick Boy1996
Danny Archer, Solomon Vandy, Maddy Bowen2006
Shelby Eatenton Latcherie, M'Lynn Eatenton, Truvy Jones1989
Annette Hargrove, Sebastian Valmont, Kathryn Merteuil1999
Robbie Hart, Julia Sullivan, Glenn Gulia1998
Brandon Teena, Lana Tisdel, John Lotter1999
Wayne Campbell, Benjamin Kane, Garth Algar 1992
Sarah Williams, Jareth, Toby Wiliams1986

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