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Can you name these film actors who played two different characters at least three times each?

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Characters ActorRole, Film Series
Rogue smuggler turned Rebel general and daring Archaeologist
Swinging superspy/Evil criminal genius and lovable cranky ogre*
Misunderstood wizard and police sergeant-made-commissioner
Wizard schoolteacher and protector of a pot of gold
Captain of a starship and leader of well-intentioned mutants
Bad comedian bear, self involved pig & others and powerful Jedi Master*
Determined Detroit detective and wise-cracking donkey*
Amnesiac former superspy and novice big-time con man
Devoted wife of a boxer and daughter of a Mafia Don
Santa Claus and toy spaceman*
Musketeer and swinging superspy's boss
Elvin archer and blacksmith apprentice/would-be pirate
Post-Apocalyptic warrior and suicidal cop
Inept detective's Captain and chief mechanic for Trans-World Airlines
Cowboy with no name and rogue cop
Sith Lord* and C.I.A. head
Powerful good wizard and evil mutant leader
Time-travelling teenager and a mouse who thinks he is a boy*
Spy Dad and heroic swashbuckling feline*
Military man fighting evil robots and fast-talking street racer thief
Supercop and Hong Kong Chief Inspector paired with L.A. Detective
Furyan anti-hero and elite street racer
Slick spy and devoted butler
Jedi Master and head of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Young by-the-book California detective and Santa's ex-wife's new husband
Hungry college student stoner and high schooler who coined a popular slang abbreviation
3 roles! Put-upon son-in-law and escaped zoo lion* and museum watchman
3 roles!: Leader of the Elves and evil computer program and leader of evil robots*
3 roles! Boxer and one-man army and leader of disposable mercenary group
4 roles!!: Evil vampire and Asian detective and evil wizard and Sith Lord*

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