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QUIZ: Can you name the shoegaze band?

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Son of Mustang Ford, Blowin' Cool, Kill the Superheroes
Uma, Brand, Cicciolina
Ten Little Girls, Horror Head, Coast Is Clear
Winona, Delaware, Kick the Tragedy
You Made Me Realise, Lose My Breath, Soon
Flying, Everso, Precious Little
Twinkle, Safari, We Don't Need Nobody Else
Dreams Burn Down, Unfamiliar, Cool Your Boots
Prize, The 3rd Time We Opened the Capsule, Drive That Fast
Lollita, When You're Sad, Honeysuckleswallow
I Want to Touch You, Balloon, The Nude
Aruca, A Short Happy Life, Time Baby 3
My Dreaming Hill, Moonset, Soaring High
Sight of You, Throwing Back the Apple, Sea of Sound
Sunshine Smile, Homeboy, Vendetta
Bethesda, Shotgun, Trip & Slide
Breather, Pearl, Precious One
Star Sail, She's a Superstar, Gravity Grave
The Finest Kiss, Lazarus, Kaleidoscope
Alison, Morningrise, Catch the Breeze
Sweetness and Light, For Love, Desire Lines
Didn't Understand, Bell, Pancake
Spooky Vibes, Lonesome Boatman, Henna and Swayed
Jack, Suzanne, Little Bird

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