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I don’t wanna let this go You just wanna end this love
I’m Lookin’ for girl Lookin’ for love ay I’m Lookin’ for u and Lookin’ for me
One and only like a holy I’m fascinated by the bright light of your beauty
Turning up turning up We gon get it rocking now
You know it all You’re my best friend
With time, everything will be forgotten And so will you That’s what’s really sad
I’m the biggest hit I’m the biggest hit on this stage
Little bit of that Little bit of this Little bit of that Gimme gimme gimme Gimme little bit of that
We can skydive free fall fall fall fall fall fall We can skydive free fall (l’m falling for you) We can skydive free fall fall fall fall fall fall
Bet you wanna Bet you wanna dance like this
Can I get your attention baby girl Lemme tell u something hold up wait a minute
Baby you’re mine mine mine *song title* Ever gonna make you cry
Angry? Hungry? Yes I’m hangry
You’re my super, super hero
Before it’s too late girl you better stop fronting I’m one in a million, limited edition No kidding you’ll be wishing you could be my Mrs. Sooner or later girl you’ll want
Shimmie shimmie *song title* I think I like it
I’m in the zone We are CLC
Does anyone know, does anyone know How it makes me feel
Y’all Feel it with me Y’all Feel it with me
Hur hur hurry hurry Tell me that u want me
Pick me Pick me Pick me up (Pick me Pick me Pick me) *ikr so hard to guess*
So come on come on come on Come on come on come on Come on come on come on Come on little *song title*
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