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That guy who had the game-winning hit in game 6 of the 1985 World Series (Denkinger game)
The Phillies moved Mike Schmidt to 1B because of this guy, a future star at 3B...or not
That guy who was a one-year wonder for the Indians, winning the 1980 AL Rookie of the Year
That guy who also played LF for the Indians in 1980, hitting .341 with 61 steals... but was out of baseball 5 years later
That lefthanded pitcher who won 18 games for the surprise '89 Orioles and 13 the rest of his career
That guy who clinched the NL West for the Astros with a no-hitter in 1986
That guy (who was a former Seattle All-Star) who hit a HR in the first Wrigley night game for the Phillies, which was ultimately rained out
That guy who used the 'one-flap down' style in his homerun trot during the 1987 NLCS
That guy who set a stolen base record for catchers for the Royals in 1982
That guy who was in the second Oak-NYY Rickey Henderson deal who ended up doing time for statutory rape
That Angels closer who gave up a crucial home run in the 1986 ALCS--an event that tragically haunted him until his suicide in 1989
The White Sox briefly moved Carlton Fisk to LF because of this guy, a future star catcher...or not
The guy who was third in MLB in 1986 with 35 HR and never played again
That guy whose miscue allowed the tying run to score in the 10th inning of game 6 of the 1986 World Series
That guy who won 20 games as a rookie in '85 and threw a perfect game in '88
That guy who gave up Pete Rose's record-breaking hit and two years later started a bench-clearing brawl by beaning Andre Dawson in the face
That guy who threw a no-hitter for the White Sox in 1986... and only made 7 more starts in his career
That guy who won the 1979 AL Rookie of the Year was a 3B and moved to 2B to make room for Gary Gaetti before back problems ended his career
That guy with the goggles who won the NL Rookie of the Year for the Reds
That guy who wrote a book about 'rotting' who was 0-2 with 2 saves in the 1982 World Series
That guy who claimed to have peed on every warning track in the Major Leagues
That guy who was called 'The Phenom' as a Braves outfield prospect but became a poster child for the 'quadruple-A' player
That guy who gave up the 'go crazy' home run to Ozzie Smith in game 5 of the '85 NLCS and the go-ahead HR to Jack Clark in top of the ninth in game 6
That guy who won two batting titles for the Pirates in the 1980s
That guy the Mets traded to the Cardinals for Keith Hernandez
That guy who won 20 games twice for the Cardinals and was ejected in game 7 of the '85 World Series
That guy who led the Major Leagues in saves in 1985 and who briefly held the all-time career saves record
That guy who in some circles is the epitome of the great minor leaguer who needs a shot at a big league job and in others as being the bum the Yankees traded Jay Buhner for
That guy with a funny name who played CF for the Rangers with a combination of power and speed but a low batting average
That guy who had a brief status as a cult hero by being the butt of David Letterman's jokes and having a solid 1985 postseason
That fat reliever guy who went 11-2 as a rookie for the Astros in 1986, after which he signed for $110,037.37 and 37 boxes of Jell-O

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