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Can you name the Big 4 teams by their alternate descriptions?

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Alternate definitionTeam name
Priests in Spanish
People of Irish, Highland Scottish, Manx, Welsh, or Cornish descent
Clinton and O'Reilly
The largest eusocial wasps
Quoth them, 'Nevermore'
Uncastrated cattle
Accompanies thunder
A firearms company, a content sharing platform, and a large marine fish
Tidbits of something valuable
Skelton and Buttons
/Acer rubrum/ flattened lateral structures attached to stems
More than one /Icterus galbula/
Alternate definitionTeam name
Stars around which planets revolve
More than one /Canis latrans/
Rivals of the Jets in West Side Story
Baby bears
Members of the largest cat species
Young male horses
Wild horses
The kings of the jungle (now listed as Vulnerable)
The glowing, gaseous parts of a fire
Charles and Romano
Crashes into something
Louisiana is 'The _____ State,' plural
Male deer
Smokey and Winnie-the-Pooh

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