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Militia Group
Leader of militia group
Female smuggler/ Partner
Protagonists' brother
Owes a favor to protagonist
Arms' dealer
Brothers' wife
African american young boy
His older brother
First infection stage
2nd infection stage
3rd infection stage
4th infection stage
The infection
Infection spreads by ____
Cannibal leader
^ his second in command
Crafted from alcohol and rag
Crafted from same materials as above
Crafted from sugar and explosives
Crafted from explosives and blades
Crafted from blades and rags
First in-game usable gun
2nd gun found
3rd gun found
4th gun found
5th gun found
6th gun found/not used again
7th gun found
8th gun found
9th gun used
Breakable melee weapon/Distraction
Wooden melee weapon
Wooden melee weapon
Metal melee weapon
Bladed metal melee weapon
Bladed metal melee weapon
Improves weapons
Increases Joel's abilities
Ellie can't ____
Ellie can ____
Ellie is __ years old
Game starts in ______
Game ends in _______
Name of the movie on posters
Joels' last name
Achievement for finding all Firefly pendants
Achievement for all optional conversations

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