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Can you name the facts about Springfield's resident Comic Book Guy?

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Real name
Voice actor
Name of place of business
Alma mater
License plate number
'One time, Lisa bought a first edition of ____. Her check bounced higher than Rubber Girl!' (4 words)
Created a superhero comic book called ____ that was made into a terrible Hollywood movie
When Springfield moves up to #299 on a list of America's most livable cities: 'Take *that*, ____!' (3 words)
Tries to return the door prize he won at the Star Trek Convention, because the average Trekker has no need for this
'I must hurry back to my comic book store, where I dispense the ____...'
'...rather than ____ them.'
'And that is why ____ can never be filmed!' (5 words)
Buys 100 tacos for $100 in preparation for this
'That is a rare photo of ____ signed by Roger Moore. It is worth $150.' (2 words)
Visits this person in search of faster nudity
He dated two women before he met his wife. Name either one.
Newsgroup he visits when he 'need[s] know star RM pic'
He thinks that this Frink-created device is a *real* useful invention
'Oh, I've ____ my life'

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