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Can you name the movie/book/song/TV show/lyric/quote/thing/concept that contains the word 'break'?

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'Break' and BlanksFull TitleDescription
Break _ ___Alternative to 'Good Luck' in the theatre
Break _______Type of Rhythmic Movement
Break__ _: ________ ________Type of Rhythmic Movement Movie (1984)
Break ___ ___The Roots song (2002)
Break __ ____Pixies song (1988)
_____ _____ Break__Beastie Boys song (1998)
'_____ ___ ___ break_'Lyric from 'The Breaks' by Kurtis Blow
______ Break ______The Lonely Island song (2013)
Break___ ____Final Novel in 'Twilight' Series (2008)
Break___ ____A Moving Pitch in Baseball (Generally)
Break___ ___ ____Red Hot Chili Peppers song (1991)
Break_____Barrier built to protect a coast/harbor from waves
'Break' and BlanksFull TitleDescription
______ BreakTV Show (2005-2009)
Break___ _____TV Show, pseudo sequel to above (2011-2012)
_____ BreakKeanu Reeves Movie (1991)
Break _____Limp Bizkit song
____ BreakBasketball strategy
Break____First meal of the day
____ breakOne of the most sampled drum beats of all time
___ Break-__Jennifer Aniston Movie (2006)
____ ___ _____ Break_Kansas Joe McCoy & Memphis Minnie song (1929)
____ __ Break___ __ _____Elton John & Kiki Dee song (1976)
___ ___ _____ _____ __ Break___ ________Baseball Movie (1977)
Break___ ___ ________A common crime
'Break' and BlanksFull TitleDescription
___ BreakGoal differential, for example
___ BreakYou're a star after you get this
'_ ____ break ___'Ivan Drago quote
break___ _____Very fast
Break __ ____Busta Rhymes song (2001)
___break__Candy/Movie prominently featuring said candy (1999)
__break____M. Night Shyamalan Movie (2000)
_____ ______ __ BreakHanson song (2004)
___ Break_ __ ___ ____David Halberstam Sports Book (1981)
____ _ _____breakKanye West album (2008)
Break___ ___TV Show (2008-2013)

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