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Can you name the small-arms of the Allied Forces?

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DescriptionWeaponExtra Information
US- .45 ACP, PistolStandard Issue
US- .45 ACP, RevolverSecondary Issue
US- .30-06, Semi automatic RifleStandard Issue
US- .30-06, Bolt-action RifleSecondary Issue
US- .30 Carbine, CarbineStandard Issue
US- .30-06, Bolt-action RifleSecondary Issue to artillery and rear-echelon troops
US and Free French- .30-06, Semiautomatic Rifle (Limited Use)Secondary Issue to Free French Troops, US Paramarines
US and Commonwealth- .45, SubmachinegunStandard Issue; 'Tommy Gun'
US- .45 ACP, SubmachinegunStandard Issue late war; 'Grease Gun'
US- .45 ACP, SubmachinegunSecondary Issue; USMC and US Navy
US- .30-06 Light Machine Gun/Automatic RifleStandard Issue
US and Commonwealth- .30-06/.303, Light Machine Gun (Early WarSecondary Issue in early war
US and Canada- .30-06, Light Machine Gun (Limited Use)Special Issue to Marine Raiders, 1st Special Service Force
US- .30, Medium Machine GunStandard Issue, air cooled
US- .30, Heavy Machine GunStandard Issue in early war; Water-cooled
US- .50 BMG, Heavy Machine GunStandard Issue
US- 12 Gauge, ShotgunSecondary Issue
US- 12 Gauge, ShotgunSecondary Issue
US- Fragmentation GrenadeStandard Issue
US- Concussion GrenadeSecondary Issue
US- Smoke/Signaling GrenadeStandard Issue
US- Anti-Tank Rocket LauncherStandard Issue
US- 57mm, Anti-Tank Recoilless RifleSecondary Issue; Limited action from March 1945 to the end of the war
US- FlamethrowerStandard Issue
US- 81mm, MortarStandard Issue
US- 60mm, MortarStandard Issue
Commonwealth- .38/200, RevolverStandard Issue
Commonwealth- .455, RevolverSecondary Issue
Commonwealth- .9mm, PistolSecondary Issue
Commonwealth- .303, RifleStandard Issue; No. III, No. 4 Mk I Variants
DescriptionWeaponExtra Information
Commonwealth- 9mm, SubmachinegunSecondary Issue; Early war copy of the MP-28
Commonwealth- 9mm, SubmachinegunStandard Issue
UK- 9mm, Submachinegun (Limited Use)Prototype issued for testing
Commonwealth- .303, Light Machine GunStandard Issue
Commonwealth- .303, Machine GunStandard Issue
Commonwealth- Fragmentation GrenadeStandard Issue
Commonwealth-Concussion GrenadeSecondary Issue
Commonwealth- Anti-Tank GrenadeSecondary Issue
Commonwealth- Anti-Tank Grenade/MineSecondary Issue
Commonwealth- Anti-Tank GrenadeSecondary Issue;'Sticky Bomb'
Commonwealth- .55, Anti-Tank RifleStandard Issue in Commonwealth; Limited USMC use
Commonwealth- Anti-Tank ProjectorStandard Issue late war
Commonwealth- FlamethrowerStandard Issue
Commonwealth- 3 inch, MortarStandard Issue
Commonwealth- 2 inch, MortarStandard Issue
Australia- 9mm, SubmachinegunStandard Issue
France- 7.5x54mm, RifleStandard Issue
France- 7.65mm Longue, SubmachinegunStandard Issue
France- 7.5x54mm, Light Machine GunStandard Issue
France- 8mm Lebel, Machine GunStandard Issue
France- Fragmentation GrenadeStandard Issue
France- 81mm, MortarStandard Issue
USSR- 7.62x25mm, Semi-automatic PistolStandard Issue
USSR- 7.62x38mm, RevolverSecondary Issue
USSR- 7.62x25mm, SubmachinegunSecondary Issue
USSR- 7.62x25mm, SubmachinegunSecondary Issue
USSR- 7.62x25mm, SubmachinegunStandard Issue
USSR- 6.5x50mm, Assault RifleSecondary Issue
USSR- 7.62x54mmR, Bolt-action Rifle|CarbineStandard Issue
USSR- 7.62x54mmR, Automatic RifleSecondary Issue
DescriptionWeaponExtra Information
USSR- 7.62x54mmR, Semi-automatic RifleStandard Issue
USSR- 7.62x39mm, Semi-automatic CarbinePrototype issued for testing
USSR- 7.62x54mmR, Light Machine GunStandard Issue
USSR- 7.62x39mm, Light Machine Gun (Extremely limited use)Prototype issued for testing
USSR- 7.62x54mmR, Medium Machine GunSecondary Issue
USSR- 12.7x108mm, Heavy Machine GunStandard Issue
USSR- 7.62x54mmR, Heavy Machine GunStandard Issue
USSR- Fragmentation GrenadeStandard Issue copy of French F1
USSR- Fragmentation GrenadeStandard Issue
USSR- Fragmentation GrenadeEmergency Secondary Issue
USSR- Anti-Tank GrenadeStandard Issue
USSR- 14.5x114mm, Bolt Action Anti-Tank RifleStandard Issue
USSR- 14.5x114mm, Semi-automatic Anti-Tank rifleStandard Issue
USSR- FlamethrowerStandard Issue
China- 8x57mm IS, Bolt-action RifleLicensed copy of the Mauser M1924
China- 7.92x57mm, Mauser Bolt-action RifleLicensed copy of the Gewher 88
China- 7.92x57mm, Mauser Heavy Machine GunLicensed copy of the MG 08
Poland- 9mm, PistolStandard Issue
Poland- 8x57mm, RifleStandard Issue
Poland- 9mm, SubmachinegunSpecial Issue to resistance; only resistance weapon to undergo mass production
Poland- 7.92x107mm DS, Anti-Tank RifleStandard issue
Denmark- 8x58mmR Bolt Action RifleStandard Issue
Denmark- 6.5x55 Krag, Light Machine GunStandard Issue
Belgium- .32 ACP/.380 ACP, PistolStandard Issue; used by most nations
Belgium- 9x17mm Browning, PistolStandard Issue; used by most nations
Belgium- 7.65x53mm, Bolt Action RifleStandard Issue Mauser Variant
Netherlands- 6.5x53mmR, Bolt Action RifleStandard Issue
Czechoslovakia- 8x57mm IS, Bolt Action RifleStandard Issue
Czechoslovakia- 7.92x55mm IS, Light Machine GunStandard Issue as Lk. vz. 26
Yugolavia- 7.92x57mm Mauser, Bolt Action RifleStandard Issue

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