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Can you name the Gilmore Girl Characters?

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HintCharacterPlayed by...
Main Character; Daughter of Emily and RichardLauren Graham
Main Character; Lorelai's daughter with ChrisAlexis Bledel
Keeper of the CoffeeScott Patterson
Incapable of Keeping a MaidKelly Bishop
Mr. Insurance ManEdward Herrmann
Dedicated AudiophileKeiko Agena
Better than Alain Ducasse!Melissa McCarthy
Chow-Chow lover; Celine-Dion-obsessedYanic Truesdale
Mick; Swan ManSean Gunn
Dated Jamie, Asher Flemming, and DoyleLiza Weil
Mr. Rocket ShipMatt Czuchry
Digger; Richard's business partner in Season 4Chris Eigeman
HintCharacterPlayed by...
The One Who Set the Ship to Fiji Out into the Ocean Jared Padalecki
Bad-Boy; Crashed Rory's Car Milo Ventimiglia
Rory's & Gigi's Father David Sutcliffe
Guitarist in Hep Alien/Owns Sandwich ShopSebastian Bach
Guitarist of Hep Alien/Dated LaneAdam Brody
Shared and apartment with Zach and LaneJohn Cabrera
Sends Lorelai 1,000 Yellow DasiesScott Cohen
Told Rory she didn't have what it took to be a journalistGregg Henry
in the clique at Chilton with Paris and LouiseShelly Cole
Organic Produce Supplier; famous for sleeping with the zucchiniJackson Douglas
Mantra of 'you break, you buy'Emily Kuroda
Lane's husbandTodd Lowe

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