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Name the Styx songs by lyric!

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This could be the...From 'Styx I'
Is it any wonder I've got...From 'Paradise Theatre'
You know it's you...From 'Cornerstone'
You're my...From 'Styx II'
Gonna be a...From 'Pieces Of Eight'
Welcome to...From 'The Grand Illusion'
Domo Arigato, From 'Kilroy Was Here'
He was a...From 'Man Of Miracles'
From the depths of your mind...From 'The Serpent Is Rising'
Livin' On The...From 'Edge Of The Century'
Soon as I find myself a...From 'Crystal Ball'
You're not a child anymore...From 'Equinox'
When you're out of it...From 'Brave New World'
Give it up and...From 'Cyclorama'

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