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True or False....Gerard Way's hair has been four different colors?
How many albums does My Chemical Romance have?
I brought you my _________ you brought me your ___________.
True or False.....Mikey Way designed the cover art for 'Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge'.
'Black is the kiss the ______ of the serpent _______, it ain't the mark or the __________ that makes you one'
The answer will be the letter in front of the answer. The first song My Chemical Romance ever wrote was....A) Na Na Na B) Skylines and Turnstiles C) To The End D) Headfirst For Hal
'Well it rains and it _______ when you're out on your own, if I _______ on the ________ can I _________ in my _______?'
True or False....'The Sharpest Lives' has been made into a music video.
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The answer will be the letter in front of the answer. Bury Me in Black is a....A) Demo B) Hardcore Rock Song C) Sonnet D) New Song
Gerard founded the band after what event?
True or False...'Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge' is their second album?
Frank has a tattoo around his wrist that says what?
The answer will be the letter in front of the answer. Mikey Way is.....A) The singer B) The Bassist C) The Drummer D) The Duck
The answer will be the letter in front of the answer. Bulletproof....A) Fart B) Heart C) Hearth D) Mixed Martial Arts
My Chemical Romance has how many songs? Just the ones on their STUDIO albums so I don't get yelled at, and don't include 'Life On The Murder Scene' or 'The Black Parade is Dead!'.
Gerard wrote this song after his grandmother died.

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