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Comes in dozens
Birds lay these
Consists of a yolk, shell, and white
Comes in a carton
Can be whipped
Can be fried
Sunny side up
Fossilized dinosaur ____ have been found with the young still inside
Can hatch into a snake
Many reptiles have these
Three letters
Snakes eat these
The platypus and echidna are the only two mammals to reproduce by laying these
Chickens sit on these
Fish hatch from these
Frog spawn= frog ____
A form of birth
People do this to other people's houses as a prank
The answer to the previous question/s
Turtles bury theirs in the sand
Raw ___ may contain salmonella
Used as a baking ingredient
Organic form of these are brown
Robins ___ are blue
Brittle and easily broken outer crust and gooey inside
Painted, dyed, hidden, and found on Easter Sunday
Chickens ____ are oval-shaped and can be brown and white
Turtle's ____ are round
A female seahorse lays her ____ in the male's stomach
Some wasps lay their ____ inside caterpillars

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