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Can you name the band or artist by the given YouTube comments on their videos?

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Forced Order
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'It's just impossible to listen to anything off this album. You have to listen to the whole album through. This video helps me out when I'm away from home and my vinyls''thats because it was from another world. the wonderful world of LSD 25. you are an uneducated hypocrite if you support this music but trash drugs'
'def the best _____ album anyway haha, the others around this r good too, but they went wrong way around their black shtt album.''the good old REAL _____ sh*t f***ing unbeatable and imagine it was in 83 too f***ing killer..... mind you there was venom in 87 but still'
'umm stop hating hattttteeeerrrr just becuase he is cute and has a job do not mean he is gay so stop hating get off the computer and get a life.bye ;D''this video will NEVER get 1 billion views. f*** you all and f*** _____'
'Saw them too in the 70's you could hear a pin drop in Madison Square Garden when they played this track!''I'm glad the Ring Wraiths are finally leaving me alone! They give me the creeps.'
'BOW DOWN TO THE METAL GODS! HAIL HEAVY METAL!!! HORNS UP \n/`_´\n/'''Washing the dog, washing the dog''
'_____ is stunning ! Very beautiful lady, those legs, great song, love it !''Jay was like damn dats ma woman doing wat she do best!!!'
'As stupid as all these conspiracy theories sound, I hope its real! Imagine if he really did come back, many of the 'top' rappers now should start looking for a job...''R.I.P _____ we miss u will always be the best rapper Thug Life goes on'
'_____ POPS..ROCKS..& SOULS...Love You Sweet Angel..King Charming..''Omg, are you stupid? hes not a bleached dead pedo monster. He's a bleached badass zombie'
'_____ is what started metal you damb *ss!!! There the ones who made up the name METAL!!!~! go back and play your little 'call of F***ING *SS F*** TO MY DAD!!!'''the first 5 albums of _____ are the first and the better heavy albumsin the history,the others are for AMATEURS.AND IF U CAN SEE THIS CUT YOUR EARS'
'_____ was in jail several times for midemeanors''To be honest, _____ is the only country artist I like.'
'Do you know how I know you're gay? Because you like _____.''If only they made more experimental music like this and stopped playing it safe. Then maybe I could like them as much as Radiohead. This is their best song.'
'first heard this album, in the comm. shack Vietnam 1967 some things you never forget.''I'm always amazed when people say _____ were overrated, Youd think that revolutionizing music just one time would be enough! oh well'
'still can't help thinking about that classic Wayne's World scene whenever I see the title of this song.''most sexy gay performer'
'The guitar really f***s the s**t up o_0 maaaaan.... German is more like a language where you can rile people up... it really has a rythm that sucks everything in... ''for god sake ,they not nazi neither communist, nor leftist.._____ are rather anarchist and first  of all they are great artists'
'The purpose of the hats is to minimize orgone dissipation. SNORT!''This video could never happen today. Showing a white guy taking a whip to an African-American woman and a cross-eyed Asian girl. Forget about it,.'
'_____ is better than all black rappers''the nice thing about _____ is that his rap tells a story or moral. lil wayne just says n*gga alot'
'actually sound garden and Audioslave and STP were already stepped into the grunge age and so had pearl jam its just _____ were the renegades of the whole movement''You think he killed himself? There were too many anomalies with his death to believe he committed suicide. Research, my friend.'
'They are a complete emo band you dipsh** a really crappy one at that!!! I'm so glad they broke up!''_____ is NOT an EMO band, it actually is a band that sings what's true, sings about emotions they live, like this song or like I Don't Love you.'

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