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Name The Legendary Pokemon (Gen-5)

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Pokemon DescriptionPokemon NamePokemon Type
It Ain't Over Until This Pokemon SingsNormal/Psychic OR Normal/Fighting Types
Has All The Attributes of A Female....But It's GenderlessGrass/Fighting Type
You Spent Hours Searching For It, & When You Found It, You Wish You Hadn't Wasted Your Time Looking For It.Ice/Dragon Type
Makes You Wish It Had A Second Type Like Its SimilarsFlying Type
If It Can Control Hearts, Why Didn't It Make You Unable To Catch It?Steel/Fighting Type
Has Wings but Can't Fly?! V-NeckPsychic/Fire Type
Why Couldn't It Be Ice/Electric?!Dragon/Ice Type
Why Couldn't It Be Ice/Fire?!Dragon/Ice Type
Pokemon DescriptionPokemon NamePokemon Type
Geodude, Tauros & Machop Fused TogetherRock/Fighting Type
It's Said That All Its Power Comes From Its Generative TailElectric/Dragon Type
It Has Arms, Legs, a Head, Tail, and Body.....But No Legs?Electic/Flying Type
Its Tail Can Cause The Atmosphere To Rotate!?Fire/Dragon Type
It's a Small, Water Type RapidashWater/Fighting Type
Looks like Blastoise, Scizor and Porygon Had a ChildBug/Steel Type
That Pokemon You Couldn't Get w/o The Other GameGround/Flying Type

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