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QUIZ: Name The Legendary Pokemon (Gen-4)

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Pokemon DescriptionPokemon NamePokemon Type
Blue WillPowerPsychic Type
Ghost Centipede w/ WingsDragon/Ghost Type
Pretty Much Creator of All PokemonNormal Type
Tails On Its Head Attached To A BubbleWater Type
When Lava Gets a SoulFire/Steel Type
Always Evading Piece of TrashPsychic Type
Spammed Roar of Time.....ForeverDragon/Steel Type
Pokemon DescriptionPokemon NamePokemon Type
Looks Like The Moon Had A DaughterPsychic Type
Can Learn Fly and Has No WingsGrass/Flying Type
It Has 2 Tails On Its HeadWater Type
Yellow KnowledgePsychic Type
Haunts Dreams....Then Eats ThemDark Type
Only Good Move Was Spacial RendDragon/Water Type
Worst Ability of All PokemonNormal Type

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