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Rooster Teeth's extremely popular anime inspired web series is half way through it's fourth volume and has built a massive devoted fanbase. How well do you know RWBY?

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Forced Order
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Ruby Rose's Favourite Food
Name of Blake's Weapon
Emerald Sustrai's Voice Actor In English
Sage Ayana's Voice Actor In English
Name of Grimm Eclipse's Main Villain
Character Who Wears Goggles
Wields Myrtenaster
Brother of Previous Answer
Character Who Is A Scorpion Faunus
Designed The 'Black Queen' Virus
Character Who Is Based On Goldilocks
Junior's Real Name
Character Based On An Early Concept For Ruby Rose
Name Of Roman Torchwick's Weapon
Character Who Can Transform Into A Crow
Leader Of Team FNKI
Left Handed Members Of Team RWBY
Counterpart of Jingu Bang
Name Of Atlas's Mech Suit
Character Voiced By The Wife Of Sun Wukong's English Voice Actor
Original Voice Actor For Mercury Black
Leader Of Team ABRN
Character Voiced By Gavin Free
Main Grimm That Appears In The Volume 4 Character Short
Character That Wields Crocea Mors
Now Defunct Kingdom That Was Replaced By Atlas
Name Of The Continent On Which Vale And Vacuo Are Located
Academy From Which Pyrrha Nikos Comes To Beacon From
Character Whose Mother's Name Is Kali
'Anima's Mountain Glenn'
Name The Volume 4 Opening
Name Of The 'Jellyfish' Grimm That Salem Talks To In V4E3
The Only Weapon To Be Named In The Show (As Of V4E6)
The Name Of Yang Xiao Long's Motorcycle
The Island On Which 'The Great War' Ended
Character That Wields Miló and Akoúo̱
What Type Of Grimm Does Weiss Fight In Port's Classroom In Volume 1?
Character Voiced By Jen Taylor
Character Whose Grave Reads: Thus Kindly I Scatter
The Name Of The Village Destroyed In V4E2

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