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Forced Order
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DefinitionVocab Word
Human development so that environment and resources keep up with demand
Substanse to enrich soil (harmful to environment)
Farming only using natural resources
Person who moves away from his country
Natural substanse to destroy pests
Natural wealth of a country
A commodity brought into foren region
chemical for destroying pests
Agreement to keep prices 'fair'
Farming Harmful to enviorment
Producing a commodity that is not harmful to the enviorment
Company in more than one country
DefinitionVocab Word
Total value of all commodities and services
Tax on commodity
A person or group that buys stuff
Substanse to enrich soil (good for environment)
Able to keep up with demand
Commodity sold from its region
Organization that supports a region of countrry
Animals of given region
Something that can be bought sold or traded
Plants of given region
Interchange between countries through technology
Protesting organization of workers for workers

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