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Can you name these Casualty characters since the start of the show?

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The first Casualty consultant (1986-1988)
The man, the myth, the legend, still there now (1986-present)
The first staff member killed - paramedic (1986-1987)
Porter in the first series of the show (1986-1988)
Robson Green played this cheeky chappie (1989-1992)
Gruff but competent consultant played by Nigel Le Vaillant (1990-1992)
Receptionist, an older lady (1991-1993)
Staff nurse, stabbed then married to colleague (1994-1997)
Did double duty - consultant in Casualty then Holby City (1993-1998)
Senior Staff Nurse - the role which launched Paterson Joseph's career (1997-1998)
Starting point for the lovely Claire Goose (1997-2000)
Bald consultant (1998-2002)
Heartthrob but rude doctor with an attitude, later died (1999-2002)
Homeless to HCA (1999-2002)
Staff nurse who died as the result of a train crash (2001-2003)
The love of Charlie's life (1986-2004)
Australian SHO, unlucky in love (2001-2004)
Consultant Paediatrician who met his end in a Holby crossover (2003-2004)
Long serving female paramedic and double act with Finn (2001-2006)
From consultant to MP, actor now sadly left us (2002-2008)
Everyone's favourite SEN, in from the start and came back for her death (1986-2010)
Sweet Staff Nurse who went off the rails during a riot (2011-2012)
It's beer o'clock! Paramedic who went out with a bang. (2007-2014)
Will they, won't they relationship with Charlie. Registrar who popped back for a video link in 2015 (2005-2015)
From stern disciplinarian to everyone's favourite mother figure. Former nurse manager. (2003-2015)

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