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QUIZ: Can you name the Futurama Characters?

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Main Character, Delivery Boy
Planet Express Captain
Main Character's Best Friend
Planet Express Owner
Planet Express Bureaucrat
Long-term Intern
Planet Express Janitor
Planet Express Doctor
DOOP Captain
Ruler of Omicron Persei 8
News Monster
Female News Anchor
Everybody Loves Him
Leela's Pet, Nibblonian Officer
Billionaire Tycoon
Judges Naughty People
Lives in Robot Hell
TV Chef
Professor's Clone
'Welcome to the World of Tomorrow!'
Fry's Dog
Pizza Shop Owner
Fry's Dad
Fry's Brother
Fry's Mom
Leela's Dad
Leela's Mom
Beaurocrat's Wife
Millionaire Martian Rancher
Zoidberg's Uncle
Zoidberg's Flame
Kif's Dad
Kif's Mom
News Monster's Wife
Earth President
Earth Vice-President
Former Earth President
Singel Female Lawyer
Fry's Former Girlfriend
^New Boyfriend
Professor's Experimental Monkey
Leela's Former Boss
Professor's Ancestor, Traitor
Futurama Executive Producer
Futurama Executive Producer
Soap Opera Star
Soap Opera Co-Star
Soap Opera Character
Grape-Eating Deviant
'You can't afford it, honey'
Fry's Grandmother
Human Police Officer
Robot Police Officer
Nutley Resident
Parallel Universe Entity
Fry's Time-Duplicate
Nibblonian Officer
Nibblonian Officer
Mafia Don
Mafia Buttonman
Mafia Consigliere
Don's Daughter
Child Robot with Crutch
Water Aerobics Instructor
Lunar Hayseed
Soda Factory Boss
Soda Producer
Soda Mascot
^Background Dancer
^Background Dancer
Constuction Worker
Jar Museum Worker
Fortune Teller
Robo-Hungarian Cannon
Bender's Late Uncle
20th Century Artist
Car Salesman
Professor's Nemisis
New New York Mayor
Circuit Court Judge
Space Hive Leader
African-American Holiday Robot
Jewish Holiday Figure
Cigarette Addict
Hermes' Temp. Replacement
Atlanta Mayor
Professor's Gargoyle
Patriotic Lawyer
Orphanarium Warden
Orpan with Extra Ear
Globetrotter Leader
Amazonian Woman
Amazonian Woman
Amazonian Woman
Janitor's Admirer
First Moon Emperor
Gelatinous Entity
Amazonian Ruler
Human Pet
^Feline Owner
Fry's Sister-in-Law
Fry's Nephew
Fry's Supposed Grandfather
Kroker Elder
DOOP President
Wig Supplier
'Coffee' Supplier
Fast Food Chain Owner
MEAT member
Sewer Mutant
Sewer Mutant
Sewer Mutant
Wealthy Mutant
Devo Member
Devo Member
Devo Member
Devo Member
Devo Member
12-Eyed Mutant
Enos' Boss
Teenage Mutant
Conjoined Mutant
Head Bureaucrat
Fry's Corrosive Pet
Bone Vampire Hunter
Cyclops Impersonator
NNYPD Police Chief
Rookie Police Officer
^Mismatched Partner
Worships Bender
Space Pirate
Former Osiris 4 Pharaoh
Musical Eulogist
Former Trisol Emperor
Preserves DNA
Monocle Robot
League of Robots Member
Fry's Former Polygamist Girlfriend
Martian Muck Leech
Madfellows Leader
First U.S. President
Grows Hemp
Elbow Fettish
Lonely President
President used to Extinguish Fire
President annoyed by Professor
Franklinator Inventor
Colonial Boston Silversmith
Roswell-era President
1988 Panucci's Delivery Boy
Bender's Diplomatic Aid
Star Trek Actor, Spock
Star Trek/Priceline Actor
Star Trek Actor
Star Trek Actor
Star Trek Actor
Star Trek Actor
Dungeons and Dragons Inventor
Chess-Playing Computer
Bender's Lost Love on the Titanic
Predicts Future Crimes
Freed France from Nazis
Singer, Toured with Bender
Baywatch Actress
Fry's Former Robotic Girlfriend
Supreme Court Chief Justice
Supreme Court Justice
Supreme Court Justice
Supreme court Justice
Fry's Narwhal Companion
Decapodian Ambassador
Decapodian Spy
Female Bending Unit
Likes Tapirs
Clock Seduced by Bender
Mars University Professor
Mars University Professor
Former TV Chef
Iron Chef Announcer
Iron Chef Judge
Breaks Universal Speed Limit
Will not tolerate Intimidation
Will Tolerate Intimidation
Tries Bender for Burglarcenarsony
Lunar Hillbilly Bending Unit
Robo-Hungarian Emperor
Bigfoot Enthusiast
Sith War Reenactor
Sith War Reenactor
Sith War Reenactor
Sith War Reenactor
Sith War Reenactor
Renaissance Robot
'Stupid' Alien
New Year's Announcer
Game Show Host
Jury Duty II Actor
Los Angeles Child Tribal Leader
Former Baseball Great
Second-Worst Blurnsball Player Ever
Female Blurnsball Star
Blurnsball Announcer
Explains Word Definitions
Has Affair with Lrrr
Mayor's Aid
TV Producer
Judge Nerd Search 88
Panucci's Cousin
Ultimate Robot Fighter
Ultimate Robot Fighter
Ultimate Robot Fighter
Ultimate Robot Fighter
Ultimate Robot Fighter
Ultimate Robot Fighter
Planet Express Intercom
Robot with Acne
Robot Fight Announce
Leela's Karate Master
Family Bros. Pizza Co-Owner
Family Bros Pizza Co-Owner
Orangutan Scientist
Robot Biologist
Pasta Religious Figure
Bender's Refrigerator Lover
Won bet with Rock Alien
Moby Dick Captain
^First Mate
Huckleberry Finn Character
Pride and Prejudice Character
Nibblonian Enemy Leader
Leela's Musical Growth
Two-Headed Goat
First Planet Express Captain
Former Planet Express Crew
Former Planet Express Crew
Former Planet Express Crew
ERR Member
ERR Member
ERR Member
Mars University Dean
Robot Bartender
Reptilian Pope
Robot FBI Agent
20th Century TV Comedian
Swedish Furniture Robot
Likes Hangings
Fry's Automated Secretary
Jewish Robot
Stock Exchange Master of Scheduling
Former Planet Express CEO

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