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Can you name the characters from these 90s cartoons?

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Rocko's Modern Life
Wallaby (Main character) 
Rocko's steer friend 
Rocko's turtle friend 
Rocko's dog 
Rocko's grumpy neighbor 
Rocko's neighbor's wife 
Rocko's neighbor's son 
Steer's father 
Steer's mother 
Steer's effeminate brother 
Steer's melodramatic sister 
Doctor / Turtle's wife 
Rocko's Boss 
Local superhero in O-Town 
Business owner twin 
Business owner twin 
Rocko's crush  
Steer's Grandpa 
O-town's favorite cartoon couple 
Bald Baby (Main character) 
Tommy's younger brother 
Tommy's older, bossy cousin 
Tommy's redhead friend with glasses 
Twin bug-eating baby (boy) 
Twin bug-eating baby (girl) 
Tommy's cousin's rival 
The Pickles' dog 
Tommy's father 
Tommy's mother 
Tommy's Grandpa 
Tommy's uncle 
Tommy's aunt 
Tommy's friend's father 
Tommy's friend's stepmother 
Bug-eating babies' father 
Bug-eating babies' mother 
Tommy's cousin's rival's father 
Tommy's cousin's rival's mother 
Tommy's cousin's favorite doll 
Child psychologist 
Cartoon Dinosaur 
One of the babies' favorite cartoons 
Garfield and Friends
Cat (Main character) 
Dumb dog 
Garfield's Owner 
Cute kitten 
Garfield's scarcastic veterinarian 
Garfield' Owner's father 
Garfield's Owner's mother 
Garfield's Owner's hapless brother 
Garfield's owner's grandma 
Obnoxious TV clown ('Heeyyyy Kiiiids!') 
Garfield's companion teddy bear 
Victim mailman 
Pig in US Acres 
Cowardly duck in US Acres 
Sheep in US Acres 
Sheep in US Acres 
Cunning Rooster in US Acres 
Chick in US Acres 
Chick in US Acres that never fully hatched 
Spongebob Squarepants
Sponge (Main character) 
Spongebob's idiot best friend 
Spongebob's intolerant neighbor 
Spongebob's squirrel friend 
Spongebob's pet snail 
Spongebob's greedy boss 
Spongebob's boss' teenage daughter 
Spongebob's boss' blundering rival 
Computer wife 
Bodybuilder lobster 
Spongebob's nervous driving instructor 
Bikini Bottom Superhero 
Superhero's sidekick 
Spongebob's neighbor's wealthy rival 
Villian with a mask 
Spherical villian 
Spongebob's father 
Spongebob's mother 
Bikini Bottom's resident old guy 
Ghost with one sock 
'My Leg!' 
Beach bum 
Pink fish 
News anchorfish 
Sings the theme song 

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