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QuestionAnswerWhat's that?
Which Y had a hit single with 'The Only Way Is Up' and sung with The Plastic Population?
What D was a Russian dissident who wrote the novel 'Crime and Punishment'?
In the mid 1960s, US Army replaced the existing infantry guns with the M16 rifle and which fixed-rate repeat-fire machine gun?
What type of alien is Mr. Spock?
In the song '19'... Hardcastle also told us the average age of a soldier in the Second World War. What was it?
Which canal links the Mediterranean with the Red Sea?
Which insect produces gossamer?
QuestionAnswerWhat's that?
Who had a hit single with 'Don't Speak'?
What's the capital of Iceland?
Capital of Borneo?
You don't know who sang 'In The Summertime' do you?
Which Shakespeare play features a character called Caliban?
Name the Cuban leader who's been in power since the Revolution in 1959.

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