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Can you name the Late Roman Republic Leading Men?

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Reformed the Roman Army, held the consulship 7 times157 BC - 86 BC
Took the title 'Felix'. Took control of the state and allowed the proscriptions to occur138 BC - 78 BC
Part of the first triumvirate, died in a campaign against the Persians115 BC - 53 BC
Entitled 'the Great' after many victories in the field106 BC - 48 BC
Held relatively limited military experience. Wrote philosophy including De Re Publica106 BC - 43 BC
Famously crossed the Rubicon and took the title 'dictator'100 BC - 44 BC
Lesser known member of the 'Second Triumvirate'. Held the office of Pontifex Maximus until his death c.89 BC - c.12 BC
Lost the civil war that led to the fall of the Republic. Had a romantic affair with Cleopatra83 BC - 30 BC
Founded the Imperial system in Rome.63 BC - 14 AD

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