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Can you name the models who appeared in the first 14 cycles of America's Next Top Model?

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Cycle and PlacementName of the GirlClue to the girl
Cycle 1 - 1st PlaceMrs. Peter Brady
Cycle 1 - 2nd PlaceNever Smoked, Never Drank and Still A Virgin
Cycle 1 - 3rd PlaceDoesn't have an eating disorder
Cycle 1 - 4th PlaceSings during arguments
Cycle 1 - 5th PlacePurchases cosmetics during go-sees
Cycle 1 - 6th PlaceAllegedly had no confidence in herself
Cycle 1 - 7th PlaceAllegedly had a chip on her shoulder
Cycle 1 - 8th PlaceShe missed her boyfriend
Cycle 1 - 9th PlaceToo sexy to be a fashion model
Cycle 1 - 10th PlaceThe first girl ever to be eliminated in ANTM history
Cycle 2 - 1st PlaceFace made for beauty
Cycle 2 - 2nd PlaceLupus
Cycle 2 - 3rd PlaceCheated on her boyfriend
Cycle 2 - 4th PlaceScrewed up in the first five minutes of the competition
Cycle 2 - 5th PlaceHer signature walk didn't make her famous
Cycle 2 - 6th PlaceEliminated for her performance in 'Shake Ya' Body'
Cycle 2 - 7th PlaceCould cry at the drop of a hat
Cycle 2 - 8th PlaceHer earrings got broken
Cycle 2 - 9th PlaceEnded up winning top prize on 'Wheel Of Fortune'
Cycle 2 - 10th PlaceSuch a non-existent edit, there is no clue worthy
Cycle 2 - 11th PlaceThe nude Smurfette
Cycle 2 - 12th PlaceOnly girl in ANTM history to have NO portfolio
Cycle 3 - 1st PlaceThe Diva
Cycle 3 - 2nd PlaceThe girl who needed a facial... and got one
Cycle 3 - 3rd PlaceShe's legally blind
Cycle 3 - 4th PlaceShe will be the winner's maid-of-honor
Cycle 3 - 5th PlaceTripped during the Heatherette show
Cycle 3 - 6th PlaceApparently having fiery red hair made her 'forgettable'
Cycle 3 - 7th PlaceShe's F-A-Bulous
Cycle 3 - 8th PlaceDoes have an eating disorder
Cycle 3 - 9th PlaceThe girl who says she has a monkey mouth
Cycle 3 - 10th PlaceShe wrote ANTM on her derriere
Cycle 3 - 11th PlaceWore an American Flag prom dress
Cycle 3 - 12th PlacePrefers to be in fashion merchandising
Cycle 3 - 13th PlaceSoccer Mom
Cycle 3 - 14th PlaceEliminated outside of panel
Cycle 4 - 1st PlaceWon Cover Girl of the Week every week
Cycle 4 - 2nd PlaceHer friend from High School died
Cycle 4 - 3rd PlaceShe loved to eat and gained over 10 pounds
Cycle 4 - 4th PlaceToo much personality... tone it down - whoops - too much!
Cycle 4 - 5th PlaceThe Ice Queen
Cycle 4 - 6th PlaceHad a 'face-eating' disease
Cycle 4 - 7th PlaceThe only girl who knows how to do the hair flip
Cycle 4 - 8th Place/9th PlaceThe girl who passed out during judging
Cycle 4 - 8th Place/9th PlaceTyra was rooting for her - we were ALL rooting for her!
Cycle 4 - 10th PlaceThe worst photo in the history of ANTM
Cycle 4 - 11th PlaceStarted the rumor of the 'face-eating' disease
Cycle 4 - 12th PlaceEliminated for having a bad attitude
Cycle 4 - 13th PlaceCoined the phrase 'Not America's Next Top Best Friend'
Cycle 4 - 14th PlaceShares a name with a brand of water
Cycle 5 - 1st PlaceShe really wants her Chapstick
Cycle 5 - 2nd PlaceHer rumor was stolen from her
Cycle 5 - 3rd PlaceHer granola bar was stolen from her
Cycle 5 - 4th PlaceDoesn't follow the Jehovah's Witness Plan
Cycle 5 - 5th PlaceEnded up working for MTV
Cycle 5 - 6th PlaceRelax... take a break... eat a cookie!
Cycle 5 - 7th PlaceProud endorser of Dairy Queen
Cycle 5 - 8th PlaceShe's 'sad'
Cycle 5 - 9th PlaceThe plus-size model with the pint-size personality
Cycle 5 - 10th PlaceShe's straight... but loves to kiss girls
Cycle 5 - 11th PlaceStay away from her with those scissors!
Cycle and PlacementName of the GirlClue to the girl
Cycle 5 - 12th PlaceDon't get it twisted
Cycle 5 - 13th PlaceShe has the 'pretty gene'
Cycle 6 - 1st PlaceForced to close the gap in her mouth
Cycle 6 - 2nd PlaceCurrently on the TV show 'Run My Renovation'
Cycle 6 - 3rd Place'Oh that feels fabulous'
Cycle 6 - 4th PlaceDiscovered in a mall
Cycle 6 - 5th PlaceArrested pre-show for passing phony money
Cycle 6 - 6th PlaceKissed a male model on the set of the photo shoot
Cycle 6 - 7th Place'America's Next Top Trout'
Cycle 6 - 8th PlaceWalked with her butt out
Cycle 6 - 9th PlaceShe got the Mia Farrow haircut
Cycle 6 - 10th PlaceReally doesn't like cockroaches
Cycle 6 - 11th PlaceThe living Bratz doll
Cycle 6 - 12th PlaceA victim of Hurricane Katrina
Cycle 6 - 13th PlaceShe looked like a penis with ears
Cycle 7 - 1st PlacePsoriosis
Cycle 7 - 2nd PlaceShe doesn't need the 'issa'
Cycle 7 - 3rd PlaceShe thinks Cycle 6 girls are boring
Cycle 7 - 4th PlaceThe meek twin
Cycle 7 - 5th PlaceThe girl who sacrificed herself to save her sister
Cycle 7 - 6th PlaceKissed the racist model
Cycle 7 - 7th PlaceRan out of the judging room during a test
Cycle 7 - 8th PlaceShe missed her High School graduation
Cycle 7 - 9th PlaceShe had cervical cancer
Cycle 7 - 10th PlaceROCK AND ROLL!!!!!! (at the TOP of her lungs)
Cycle 7 - 11th PlaceLoves to rub her panties on beds
Cycle 7 - 12th PlaceHer mother died in a plane crash
Cycle 7 - 13th PlaceCan emulate the 'Tyra Banks poses'
Cycle 8 - 1st PlaceRaised by drag queens
Cycle 8 - 2nd PlaceWe never did find out if she was a mail-order bride
Cycle 8 - 3rd PlaceDid not take losing well on 'Modelville'
Cycle 8 - 4th PlaceAlways delivered a 'mean face'
Cycle 8 - 5th PlaceShe doesn't take being late to go-sees very well
Cycle 8 - 6th PlaceA girl who is in serious need of subtitles
Cycle 8 - 7th PlaceThe plus-size model who couldn't model at all (IMO)
Cycle 8 - 8th PlaceModels pose for a camera - but she was too 'posey'
Cycle 8 - 9th Place'Just 'cuz'
Cycle 8 - 10th PlaceDon't look dead in a photograph playing dead!
Cycle 8 - 11th PlaceGot frostbite holding a scoop of ice cream
Cycle 8 - 12th Place'Last week a lesbian, this week a 'ho'
Cycle 8 - 13th Place'I know... right???'
Cycle 9 - 1st PlaceTootie - Dora - Penishead - Biggest Excuse For A Winner - EVER
Cycle 9 - 2nd PlaceShe did NOT knock over the stilts guy - he tripped on his own
Cycle 9 - 3rd PlaceThrown under the bus... by EVERYONE
Cycle 9 - 4th PlaceShe and Nikki Blonsky are not BFF's
Cycle 9 - 5th PlaceWon Cover Girl of the Week - the week AFTER she was eliminated
Cycle 9 - 6th PlaceShe's a stripper... that stays fully dressed???
Cycle 9 - 7th PlaceThe only girl cut in ANTM history allowed to stay
Cycle 9 - 8th PlaceHeaven forbid a model should lose weight
Cycle 9 - 9th PlaceThe only girl to turn down her photo at elimination
Cycle 9 - 10th PlaceLiza Minelli
Cycle 9 - 11th PlaceShe does not have a prickly disposition
Cycle 9 - 12th PlaceShe doesn't like girls that 'cling'
Cycle 9 - 13th PlaceCancer is funny apparently
Cycle 10 - 1st PlaceWhere's her Saran Wrap
Cycle 10 - 2nd PlaceShe 'ate it on the ground' in Rome
Cycle 10 - 3rd PlaceFemale Genital Mutilation
Cycle 10 - 4th PlaceBrazilia!!!
Cycle 10 - 5th PlaceWould it have hurt Tyra to learn how to pronounce her name correctly?
Cycle 10 - 6th PlaceOfficially missing part of her thumb now
Cycle 10 - 7th PlaceHer husband sings the closing theme song in later cycles
Cycle and PlacementName of the GirlClue to the girl
Cycle 10 - 8th PlaceBuy her breast milk
Cycle 10 - 9th PlaceReason why mormons shouldn't model
Cycle 10 - 10th PlaceReceived the 'Horse Man' hairdo
Cycle 10 - 11th PlaceShe thinks gay love is better than straight love
Cycle 10 - 12th PlaceShe loves to play with Barbie Dolls
Cycle 10 - 13th PlaceAnother girl who had NO edit and therefore... no clue :(
Cycle 10 - 14th PlaceShe takes lots of money... from banks no less
Cycle 11 - 1st PlaceShe should stick to boxing
Cycle 11 - 2nd PlaceShe did NOT raise her dress in a lewd way (IMO)
Cycle 11 - 3rd PlaceSoon to be in the movie 'Green Hornet'
Cycle 11 - 4th PlaceSomeone take away her caffeine!
Cycle 11 - 5th PlaceAnti-fur, Anti-Christmas, Anti-mom - but pro-girls
Cycle 11 - 6th PlaceHooch! Hooch! Double Hooch!
Cycle 11 - 7th PlaceAudition for ANTM 30 times.. and this is Cycle 11
Cycle 11 - 8th PlaceC10/6th Place + C5/3rd Place
Cycle 11 - 9th PlaceDoesn't know what beaurocracy is (and I can't spell it either)
Cycle 11 - 10th PlaceAt the time of the show, the not-so-proud owner of a penis
Cycle 11 - 11th PlaceAlaskan Pixie Dust
Cycle 11 - 12th PlaceShe's tired of being pretty... so don't be a model then
Cycle 11 - 13th PlaceHey!!! (arms up in the air)
Cycle 11 - 14th PlaceHi my name is *** - and I am (NOT) America's Next Top Model
Cycle 12 - 1st Place'Wind In The Face'
Cycle 12 - 2nd PlaceEyes as big as saucers
Cycle 12 - 3rd PlaceA model who knows how to spell s-t-u-p-i-d
Cycle 12 - 4th PlaceGirl with the fashion statement and the talent to throw people under the bus
Cycle 12 - 5th PlaceFreckles are her friend
Cycle 12 - 6th PlaceSlept a lot during the recap episode
Cycle 12 - 7th PlaceStreet preacher
Cycle 12 - 8th PlaceBurn victim :(
Cycle 12 - 9th PlaceShe can't take a straight-on photograph
Cycle 12 - 10th PlaceDated a famous NASCAR Driver
Cycle 12 - 11th PlaceUm.... (crickets chirping)... nope, no good clue here sorry
Cycle 12 - 12th PlaceThe prettiest girl in school are never good models
Cycle 12 - 13th PlaceSuffers from epilepsy
Cycle 13 - 1st PlaceWinner of the petite cycle - but NOT the tallest winner
Cycle 13 - 2nd PlaceVery talented - she can even castrate cows
Cycle 13 - 3rd Place/4th Place'Can I Scream?' (insert very orgasmic screams)
Cycle 13 - 3rd Place/4th PlaceFirst girl to survive elimination after THREE bottom-two in a row
Cycle 13 - 5th PlaceThe shortest girl in ANTM history
Cycle 13 - 6th PlaceOne plus one equals three (says Tyra)
Cycle 13 - 7th PlaceHer Minnesotan accent IS insulting
Cycle 13 - 8th PlaceOh another castrator - this one of sheep
Cycle 13 - 9th Place'Discovered' on Tyra's talk show
Cycle 13 - 10th PlaceJesus makes her face soft... but she lost his number
Cycle 13 - 11th PlaceWonder if she changed the girlfriend's name tattoo yet?
Cycle 13 - 12th PlaceHard to do a runway walk with your foot in a cast
Cycle 13 - 13th PlaceEliminated because she didn't sing and dance during a challenge
Cycle 13 - 14th PlaceShe wasn't even part of the original girls picked
Cycle 14 - 1st PlaceOnly girl to have more than 3 #1 callouts in a row
Cycle 14 - 2nd PlaceOh Mylanta! (Oh shut up!)
Cycle 14 - 3rd Place/4th PlaceShe fell on the runway twice
Cycle 14 - 3rd Place/4th PlaceDoesn't know the difference between girls and females
Cycle 14 - 5th PlaceToasters and tacos don't mix
Cycle 14 - 6th PlaceHer photos is hung in the 'salon'
Cycle 14 - 7th PlaceShe will defend the frozen vegetables
Cycle 14 - 8th PlaceShe really does look like Cynthia Nixon from SATC
Cycle 14 - 9th PlaceWorked with dead people
Cycle 14 - 10th PlaceShe's an Ivy League girls - of course she doesn't know hip-hop
Cycle 14 - 11th PlaceTattoo Chick
Cycle 14 - 12th PlaceCult Chick
Cycle 14 - 13th PlaceAll her knowledge of obscure models didn't save her

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