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Cutting a representitive part of an ore deposit
A car being hoisted from a slope or shaft
The seperation of economically valuable minerals from the gangue
An area that has the a quantity of ore or other material that is deemed to be mineableAn orebody being mined may be called this
A process of chemical extraction of minerals from ore material
A fault or crack in a rock that contains mineralized materialMay be measured to about 5000-10,000 ft in length
Material left over after the rock has been processed of all it's ore
A rock formation containing peridotite, in which diamonds are formedK__________Career &Technical Centre
Hardest material known to man, made completey from carbonCommonly used as jewelry
A metal-bearing rock that can be mined at a profit
A vertical wall-like body of igneous rock intruded into cracks in older rocksMay contain mineral deposits located between the rocks
Mining right that grants the holder the exclusive right to search within a given territory
The process of mining and removal of ore from a mine
A nearly horizontal passage from the surface by which a mine is entered and dewatered
Waste material that is used to support the roof after the rock removal has occuredCement is commonly used for this
In a mine shaft, the device, similiar to an elavator car, that is used for hoisting workers and materials
A machine for crushing rock or other materials
A machine, usually used in coal, that is used to cut 10 to 15 cm slots
A measurement outlining the angle of incline of a vein measured from a horizontal surface and at right angles to the strike
Plant facilitating ore treatment that allows for the recovery and removal of metals
A mineralized mass whose characteristics have been determined and deemed commercailly valueableThis term is used once the economic limits of the mineralized mass and its grade have been examined
To place explosives in a drill hole
An entry used exclusively for personnel to travel from the shaft bottom to the working section
The horizontal transport of ore, coal, supplies, and wasteThe vertical opposite is called hoisting
A break in the earth’s crust caused by tectonic (plate) movement that has forced rock to split in different directions
Course screening or scalping device that prevents oversized bulk material from entering a material transfer system
That part of any underground working upon which a person walks or upon which haulage equipment travels
A naturally occurring, homogeneous inorganic solid substance having a definite chemical composition and characteristic crystalline structure, color, and hardnessEx/ An element such as, gold or silver
A plant where concentrate is chemically reduced in order to extract the metal or metals it contains
A secondary inclined opening, drivin to connect levels, usually used for haulage

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