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The rare art rock band with commercial success, capable of producing monster hits with stadium rock, sweeping power ballads, and concept albums.
Garish glam rockers with anthems galore, who became rock legends with a reputation for incredible live shows.
Her sultry jazz-tinged vocals have made her one of the most successful international stars of the 1980s and beyond.
Innovative, ever-morphing Brit-pop band with punch that nabbed constant critical adulation and the occasional massive hit.
One of the best West Coast folk/psych bands and producers of the seminal #####, a symphonic explosion of lush textures and surreal lyrics.
Pioneering Brit-pop band known both for its stylish sound and vocalist #####'s lyrical obsessions (sexual foibles, working-class misfits).
New wave group that reached the stratosphere by accentuating dance and funk, as well as vocalist #####'s Jaggeresque sexuality.
#####'s unit lifted itself out from under a gargantuan shadow with deft songwriting and an ever-morphing modern rock underpinning.
Soulful British singer with a gospel tinge whose grand, orchestral aesthetic and magisterial voice made him a pop superstar.
Clever and satiric alternative rockers known best for their ubiquitous hit '#####.'
Europop sensations whose stratospheric success with slick pop music made them Sweden's most identifiable export in the '70s.
Classically trained Irish pianist with a distinctive, ethereal voice, whose warm music sold millions starting in the 1980s.
Proponents of #####, at the forefront of new wave with a style rooted in brainy, robotic synth pop.
One of the most inventive, eclectic figures of the alternative era, the epitome of postmodern chic in an era obsessed with junk culture.
One of the leading American metal acts of the '90s, with a sophisticated art rock approach marked by unrelenting aggression and focused intensity.
Beloved by millions and scorned by critics, one of the great prog-rock bands, possessing an instrumental acumen rivaled by few other groups.
Hard driving Irish R&B/garage band from the 1960s, featuring a young #####.
An early grunge crossover whose anthemic, cathartic sound straddled the line between alternative rock credibility and mainstream radio accessibility.
Flashy vocalist whose music fuses R&B/pop crossover with rock.
Legendary L.A. hardcore band obsessed with big guitars, speedy tempos, poor taste, and cold beer.

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