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Can you name the artists who mention their own name in the song?

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Song lyricsArtistSong
_________, Miss _________ if you're nasty
_____ ___________, til the day I die
And I'ma ____ _______ it up and down your block
I tell ya Park Avenue leads to ______ ____
Are we not men we are _______
In a ____ _________ dreams stay with you
_______ _____ let me rock you, let me rock you ________ ______
Aw tell me ____ are you
Oh mom you're just jealous it's the ___________ _______
Song lyricsArtistSong
She's a killer __________
Hey Hey we're the ____________
Roma-roma-mamaa! _____-ooh-la-la!
__________ ____ ain't got no money
Feminist women love ___________
Well we're just another band out of ___________
_____ _______ can't be fought, _____ _______ can't be sought
Casting shadows on the winter sky as you stood there _____________ ______

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