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What does Spongebob come to do at the krusty krab at three a.m.
Why couldn't Patrick play with Spongebob, what did he run out of?
What is the proper heat to heat the oven to for crabby patties?
What is one stupid reason Patrick is mad?
What snail wins the race?
In the episode 'Squidville' where does squidward move?
Why did Patrick get rid of his boat mobile?
What animal does Mr.Krabs own?
What is squidward?
What does plankton live in?
What was the name of the chicken that hatched in Mrs.Puffs school?
How many dreams did Spongebob invade in 'sleepy times'?
Who wears shoes? Squidward, Patrick, Gary, or larry?
What does Spongebob ride to boating school?
Why does Spongebob lose his identity?
Who finds his identity?
Where does he find his identity?
What does Spongebob love to here the sound of? What two things rubbed together?
Where does Spongebob find pickles on Bubble Bass?
When Spongebob and patrick get stuck in sandy's treedome, , who do they both want to be?

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