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Can you name the settings where these video games were played?

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Video GameWorld/Planet/CountryHint
Gears of WarSetting of all 3 Gears games
Halo 2Planet the UNSCDF fought the Covenant to protect
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2Any country during the campaign is accepted
Pokemon Blue/RedRegion originally seen in these two games, also seen in subsequent ones
Assassin's CreedWhere Altair is originally sent to find the Piece of Eden by Abstergo
FableAlso the setting of Fable 2
Saints RowThe city where the game takes place
The Elder Scrolls IV: OblivionProvince the game is set in (Also accepts the continent where all of the Elder Scrolls games are set)
Pokemon Gold/SilverRegion originally seen in these two games
Red Dead RedemptionFictional states where the game is set (Between the US and Mexico)
Video GameWorld/Planet/CountryHint
Lost Planet: Extreme ConditionPlanet colonized by humans
CrackdownFictional city serves as the setting for this game
Resident Evil 5Continent serving as the setting for this survival horror game
Left 4 DeadState (American) where the outbreak begins
PortalName of the research corporation where the game takes place (Also accepts the state [American] where the corporation is located)
Ninja GaidenCountry where the majority of the game takes place
God of War 3Country where most of the game is set
Killzone 2Fictional planet where the entire game takes place
World of WarcraftThe planet containing the game's entire playable area
MystThe island where the Stranger continues to return to after visiting each age

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