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Can you name the place where I am? I'm lost and my GPS is unreliable. While you're at it, would you be my tour guide?

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Look at Picture 1. The coordinates given by my GPS are 33°51′35.9″S and 151°12′40″E. Is this correct?
What city am I in?
What is the total capacity of the Sydney Opera House including all rooms and theatres? 5738, 11787, or 15103?
Look at picture 2. The grid coordinates given by my GPS are 45.4333° N, 12.3167° W. Is this correct?
Where am I then? (Country)
If you know the name of the city can you please tell me?
How long is the Grand Canal? 3.8km, 14.3km, or 17.1km?
Look at Picture 3. The grid coordinates given by my GPS are 52.2323°N 21.0084333°E . Is this right?
In what country am I?
Look at picture 4. The coordinates given by my GPS are 39.9033° N, 116.3917° E. Is this correct?
What's the name of the country I'm in?
I want to get to Shanghai. How far away is it to the nearest one hundred miles? I think it's either 200, 400, 700 or 1100 miles.
Look at Picture 5. The GPS coordinates I'm reading are 30°19′43″N 35°26′31″E. Is this correct?
Where am I? (Country)
When was the building in the picture built? It think it's either: 400AD, 600BC or 1200BC.
Look at Picture 6. The GPS is giving me the coordinates: 25°11′49.7″N 55°16′26.8″E. Is that right?
What country am I in?
How tall is the Burj to the nearest 100m? I think it's either 800m, 1000m or 1100m.
So how many floors has this building got? 208, 321, or 396?
If I dropped an apple from the top of the Burj, how long would it be falling before landing on the ground? 9 seconds, 13 seconds or 18 seconds?
How long did it take to build this monster of a building? I think it was either 4 years, 6 years or 9 years.
Look at Picture 7. My GPS gives me the coordinates: 43.8789° N, 103.4598° W. Is that correct?
In what country am I?
What is it I'm looking at?
Can you tell me which of the 50 states I'm in then?
Can you tell me who the sculpture 2nd in on the right is of?
Look at Picture 8. The coordinates given by my GPS are: 41.9000° N, 12.5000° E. Is that right?
So what country is it?
What's this building called again?
So I'm in what city?
To which goddess is this temple dedicated?
Look at Picture 9. My GPS gives coordinates of: 9.43.6426° N, 79.3871° W. Is that right?
So what country am I in?
What is it I'm looking at?
What city does that mean I'm currently in then?
If I need to ask a local for help, what language are they most likely to speak?
Look at Picture 10. My GPS gives me coordinates of 40°42′20″N 73°59′47″W / 40.70569°N 73.99639°E. Is that right?
What country am I in then?
Ok, but what city am I in?
What is the name of the Bridge?
When was the bridge completed? 1868, 1883, or 1891?
What river does the bridge cross? Is it the Hudson River, Norwalk River or the East River?
How long is the bridge? 104m, 207m, 312m, or 486m
So how long would it take to walk accross to the nearest minute, considering average walking speed is 6km/hr? 4 minutes, 5 minutes, or 7 minutes?

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