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Can you name the words that starts with hemi-, demi-, or semi-?

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Don't play Russian roulette with one of these
the sound of the letters w or y, for example
a sixty-fourth note
study of signs; has nothing to do with 'half'
a small coffee cup for espresso
called an 'articulated lorry' in the UK
half a line of verse
Nineteenth Century hedonists
lapis lazuli or carnelian, for example
a Platonic or Gnostic Creator
a large jug for brewing alcohol
paralysis on one side of the body
the brain has two; the Earth has four
weakness on one side of the body
Cuchulain, Gilgamesh, or Achilles
Like Mozzarella
silicon and germanium, for example
C to C♯, for example
dark chocolate, for example
triple meter played against duple

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