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Can you name the Idols or Pagan Deities mentioned in the Bible?

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When Paul and Barnabas healed a crippled man at Lystra, Paul was mistaken for this god, since he was seen as the chief speaker.
The god of the Ammonites whose worship included child sacrifice.
Greek god of the dead referred to metonymically in the New Testament.
An idol fashioned by Aaron while Moses was at Mount Sinai.
Paul's preaching threatened her cult and the local idol-making economy, stirring up a revolt.
Philistine god whose temple at Gaza was destroyed by Samson.
Paul found an altar to this god in Athens, which he took as a sign of their superstitiousness and as an opportunity to preach the Gospel.
An epithet of goddess (probably one of two others on this list) mentioned in Jeremiah, who tells us worship of her included cake offerings and resulted in famine.
Nature goddess of the Sidonians worshipped at high places.
Elijah had this god's prophets put to death when they failed to produce a thunderstorm.
The national god of Moab.
Either of two heads of state with a well-known imperial cult.
When Paul and Barnabas healed a crippled man at Lystra, Barnabas was mistaken for this god. The local priest hung wreaths at the city gates for him.
Hebrew name for a god of the Ammonites who is sometimes identified with the other Ammonite deity on this list.
Sumerian vegetation god whose cult mourned at the Temple gates according to Ezekiel.
Edomite god of thunderstorms whose name mostly shows up in theophoric names, such as Ben-_____, king of Damascus.
Philistine god in the Old Testament, but identified in the Gospels as the prince of demons in whose name Jesus was accused of expelling demons.
Canaanite fertility goddess worshipped at sacred groves and wooden poles (or the poles themselves.)
Patron god of Babylon.
A gigantic sea serpent both created and destroyed by the God of Israel.

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