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How did George Patton die?
What was Manfred Van Richtoven's nickname.
How many bombs does a WWII B-17 bomber carry?
How tall would a barbie doll be if it were a real person?
How many Walmarts are there in the world?
What country made the most KFC's this decade?
Which European capital city introduced dunkin donuts in 2010?
What kind of dog is Scooby-Doo?
What is the fastest airplane in history?
What did Teddy Roosevelt establish?
QuestionUseless Fact
What country was Barack Obama born in?
What non-swear word starts with an F and ends in UCK?
John Huntsman is US ambassador to what country?
What are the two main communist countries
How many years and days long was WWII?
The New York Yankees have won how many championships?
What island is the southern coast of Japan?
Which television provider makes the most money?
How many syllables are in this question?
Name one of the signers of the decleration of independance died on the fifitieth annivarsary of it 's signing?

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