Television Quiz / Doctor Who - Name the Enemy! (2005-****)

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Can you name the enemies from various episodes of the revived Doctor Who series?

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RoseSeries 1
End of the WorldSeries 1
Aliens of London/World War IIISeries 1
Bad Wolf/The Parting of the waysSeries 1
School ReunionSeries 2
The Idiot's LanternSeries 2
Army of Ghosts/DoomsdaySeries 2
The Runaway BrideXmas 2006
The Shakespeare CodeSeries 3
The Lazarus ExperimentSeries 3
Human Nature/*** ****** ** ******Series 3
BlinkSeries 3
Utopia/The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time LordsSeries 3
The Fires of PompeiiSeries 4
The ********* Strategem/The Poison SkySeries 4
Silence in The Library/Forest of the DeadSeries 4
The Stolen Earth/Journey's EndSeries 4
The Next DoctorXmas 2008
The Waters of MarsSpecials 2009-2010
The End of TimeSpecials 2009-2010
The Eleventh HourSeries 5

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