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QUIZ: Can you name the food or food-related answer that links baseball to food?

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When a player is called up from the minor leagues, he is said to be coming up from a place where food is produced. What place is that?
Sometimes when a player gets called up from the farm, things work out and they have long, successful major league careers. Many other times, players only get to stick around for...
In baseball, as in many other sports, nicknames are standard issue, at least inside clubhouses. When players do get that call-up, they have been called what type of food?
In all sports, good play is well-regarded, but nobody likes a player who shows off just because he can. By what food are these players known?
Some food related to baseball is even meant to be eaten! Then again, some is just mentioned in song. What combination is sung in “Take Me Out to the Ball Game?'
Once in a while, the pitcher throws a pitch right down the middle that gets hammered into the stands for a home run. What kind of pitch is this?
Batters often hit pop-ups that seem like they will never come down (and usually get caught). What older phrase is used to describe this kind of hit?
Even foods that are not good for you can be helpful in baseball. Batters often use what kind of food to add weight to their bats while they warm up?
When a pitcher is really in the groove, no one gets any hits, and they certainly don’t allow any runs. What then gets posted on the scoreboard?
Most players are not superstars. Many live the lives of journeymen, going from team-to-team in their careers to fill needs or space. What is another term for these players?

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