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Can you name the Disney Villain by their Goal?

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To overthrow the Sultan and rule Agrabah
To have her daughters marry the prince
To rule Mount Olympus and kill Hercules
Overthrow Simba and Mufasa and rule over the Pride Lands
To keep Wonderland the way she likes tt
To kill Peter Pan
To dominate the arcade
To kill Princess Aurora
To rule New Orleans and gain the La Bouff's fortune
To kill Mowgli the man-cub
Kill all savages and get the gold for himself
To find the gorillas and sell them to zoos
To overthrow Kuzco and become Empress
To be the fairest of all
To conquer China
Rule the oceans
To marry Belle and kill the Beast
To turn 101 Dalmatians into a fur coat for her to wear
To be preserved in the Japanese museum
To obtain the Devil's Eye through whatever means necessary
To get rich by selling poached animals
To take over the throne from his older brother King Richard
To rid Paris of gypsies
To make money with the use of his puppet show
To overthrow Queen Moustoria and become Supreme Ruler of all Mousedom
To prevent toys from ecaping Sunnyside
To take over the ant island
To eat 'Sandy Claws' (Santa Claus)
To keep Rapunzel in the tower at all costs
To beat top scare record

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