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Events in the GameWinner
Famously named after handsome model
Told a tribemate that 'I could get loud too, what the ****!?
Sported a faux hawk the entire season
Created a fake idol which was thrown in the fire at Tribal Council
Won the last two immunities against the majority male alliance
Told the jury that she could 'almost taste the money'
Asked if how the game started was kosher or not.
First Survivor to wear a kilt on the show
Was always on the buffoon tribe
This Survivor claimed to have eaten over '1,000 steaks'
Gave his luxury item away while at a reward
Nicknamed Exile Island after themself
Found a Hidden Immunity Idol on Episode two and never played it
During a confessional he counted down his alliance members one by one until only his middle finger remained standing
Last remaining female on her yellow tribe pre-merge along with 3 males
Knew the identity of ex-football player and kept it a secret
Events in the GameWinner
Cried when called spoiled at Tribal Council by her teammates
Only player to ever attend every tribal council in a season
Can make a pretty good imitation of a South American mammal
Tied for winning immunity the most amount of times for a woman
Was only vulnerable at two tribal councils once at the individual stage
Survivor who effectively voted themself off previously
She has won, been on a jury and been voted off pre-merge
Won final immunity only because of an advantage won at a reward challenge
This slipperly little sucker never won immunity
Told an amputee player that he 'had a leg up on him'
Enthusiastically thanked Jesus for winning immunity
Kicked over a puzzle
Found the 'bloody idol'
Could do the happy dance
Found out that his wife was pregnant while filiming the show

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