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HintFemale Castaway (Last Initial Maybe too)
'For the snake to eat the rat'
Last remaining person on her tribe before the merge
Only African American woman to play on the Aitu tribe
Attended every tribal council in her season
Made the final tribal council twice and lost twice
Won the most amount of individual immunity challenges in one season
Brought a ukulele
Fishing boat captain
Couldn't get a woman's alliance started because 'Caryn Sucks'
Dances the 'pancake'
Married to a fellow Survivor non-winner
Wants to 'lick chocolate off a hot dudes bod'
Was liked by a shopkeeper, you know 'sexually'
Added the word Chaos to her name
Didn't know who Mary was
Really enjoyed her some elephant dung
Placed as a winner, a first boot and a jury member
'Revenge baby, all about revenge'
Said they could build a pretty decent shelter just using rocks
Knows exactly where Patricia is from
Proudly showed her thong in a challenge
Tied with Kim Spradlin as the winner with the most amount of votes to win
Oldest returning female for Survivor All-Stars
Won three straight immunities in Survivor Pearl Islands
HintFemale Castaway (Last Initial Maybe too)
Claimed to be grinded upon
Told us that Matt had gone '51/50'
Played the entire season with the wrong kind of surgical knee replacement
Is tired of Chuckee The Cheese stories
Told her tribe member to use the million to go get liposuction
First Survivor to be exiled
Lost a fire making tiebreaker to a man
Eliminated due to a colored rock
Voted out a family member
Famously took out her dentures during a challenge
Asked us 'Who is this jackass?'
Flipped off a tribe while topless
Wanted to 'go up on Taj'
Had to famously keep going 'back across the ocean'
Does not have a **** apartment
Used her blazing speed to 'Win the hell out of this game'
Played a F*cking stick at Tribal Council
Won the most individual immunites in Survivor Redemption Island
Was asked if her mama never hugged her
Wanted to stab someone in the face
Gave away two idols at a single tribal council.
Broke a bone on Survivor
Highest placing Asian female
Her name spelled backwards spells a Thailand Castaways name
HintFemale Castaway (Last Initial Maybe too)
Bit by a spider on the knee
Is the 'Queen' of Survivor
'I swear on my son'
Went with Chris to eat hot dogs.
Her and JoAnna lost the paddles
Mormon mother of 6
Sported beautiful headgear made using treemail
Said Survivor wasn't welfare
Last female eliminated before the merge on Survivor Redemption Island
Her husband sacrificed himself for her
'If you get pulled over in New Hampshire, don't use my name'
Placed 8th, twice
Finished the game with a broken ankle
Sister Christian
Micronesian woman who saluted Jeff as torch was extinguished
If she had a pistol she would have 'shot her first, shot me second.' It's why she doesn't carry a gun
Had a diabolical Mexican mind
American currency
Led a campaign against Lisa in Season 9
Fell off a platform during an immunity challenge
'Wasn't even in this area!'
Sang on her way out of the game
Almost dropped the coconut juice during a challenge
Won a challenge using only her feet

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