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QUIZ: Can you name the work out the names of the superstars via their anagrams?

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AnagramSuperstar NameCompany
Nerd RansomTNA Superstar
Hater WonWWE Legend
A Sunburst GumTNA Superstar
A Rustling JibeWWE Superstar
Our Dire DegreeWWE Hall of Famer
A Broke WokWWE Hall of Famer
Rhyme RankWWE Superstar
A Sandy GraveWWE Legend
Kiddy SnotWWE Superstar
A Cherished Lip SnortTNA Superstar
A Runny GoredWWE Superstar
A Dry On TornWWE Superstar
Lick My FoeWWE Legend
Bad DeitiesWWE Hall of Famer
Dirty CrewmenWWE Superstar
AnagramSuperstar NameCompany
A Roger VoucherTNA Superstar (as of 2012)
Dried Wood Pry PryWWE Hall of Famer
Shaven InkWWE Legend
A Sly JestTNA Superstar
Ski HeroinWWE Hall of Famer
Which SalesmanWWE Hall of Famer
Alien BrandyWWE Superstar
You CringeTNA Superstar
A Sea MojoTNA Superstar
Agent LurkTNA Superstar
Leotard BoilerWWE Superstar
A Suet RaisinTNA Superstar
Raw Egg JacksWWE Superstar
Better AwardWWE Superstar
Gammon TartTNA Superstar

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